GOSH Cosmetics |4 Shades of Grey

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Hey there,

When it comes to make up, there is nothing I like more than a good smoky eye look, (Well, maybe a contour, and a lippy actually). For as long as I can remember grey smoky eyes were my staple look, my absolute ‘go to’ glam look. That was until I became a blogger, and discovered there was a lot more than just grey eyeshadows and pink lipstick out there.

Just after Christmas, I went to repurchase my lost Mandarina lipstick, this gorgeous orange nude I am wearing in the pictures, and being on offer, (Something like buy one get the other half price) I picked up this Grey palette, (Which also comes in browns). It even came with a little ‘how to’ guide, detailing which shade of grey went where on the eyelid. Personally I could of just used the darkest two, or even three, but I followed the guide just to see how it all sat together. The colours blended in beautifully, but came across more blue than grey to me, (Maybe that’s just my eyes).

The Mandarina lipstick is a favourite of mine, not one that I wear often, but just by its colour, It is the perfect peachy nude, and I’ve got mine back in my make up bag just in time for spring. I wasn’t sure if the greys would sit nicely with Mandarina, but I think it works pretty well, if I do say so myself.

I’d never really brought from GOSH before, I remember seeing the brand for the first time in Superdrug quite a few years ago, thinking it was all a little too bright for my liking, (How wrong I was). What I like about GOSH make up, is that it comes across quite fun and innovative, its been around since 1945, (Which I was quite surprised to hear) but seems to be on top of the future trends. I definitely need to get my hands on some more of their make up.

What do you think of my smoky look? Would you wear a peachy nude lip? Have you tried any GOSH cosmetics before?

Lots of Love,


Lush Easter 2015 | The Easter Bunny Has Come Early

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Hey There,

OK, so the chocolate eggs have been out in the Supermarket since the Christmas decorations went in, but last night the Easter Bunny did the rounds, and Lush Easter 2015 has officially hit the Beauty world. As always the Easter & Mothers Day goodies were done in true Lush style, a lot of beautiful colours, smells, creativity, and fun.

The carrots looked amazing, I mean literally edible, (And I am not a huge fan of the edible types), the Hoppity Poppity bunnies were so cute, but for me the Golden Egg had to be the winner. Not only was it covered in Golden Glitter, (You know how I feel about glitter), but it smelt incredible, (Similar to Honey I Washed The Kid). Even my mum was after it and had a bit of a sulk when I used the whole egg in my bath, (Oops), well at least I know what I am getting her for Mothers Day.

Lots of Love,


CARIBOU | Make Up Brushes


Hey There,

Before I started blogging, I only ever used my finger tips to apply make up, now I am all about the brushes. Was it just me? Or has the revolution of make up brushes transformed since the likes of Real Techniques, Eco Tools, and new companies like Caribou Cosmetics. Brushes aren’t just for MUA’s now…. Or was I just late to the trend?

About a fortnight ago, Caribou Cosmetics*  Unbreakable Eye Brush Collection* came through my door. Up until then, I had only really used blending brushes, and applicators for the eyes, but Caribou stepped up my game, introducing me to a whole other level of eye brushes. We are talking ‘Bullet Tip Eye Smudgers’ and a ‘Precision Eyeliner Brush’, I had never had such a fancy brow brush either.

In total I received 6 Brushes in the Unbreakable collection:

  1. Dual Fibre Angled Brow Brush
  2. Lash Brush
  3. Precision Eyeliner Brush
  4. Bullet Tip Eye Smudger
  5. Dual Fibre All Over Eye Brush
  6. Dual Fibre Eye Blending Brush

*Currently in the Sale from £83.00 to £39.00*

Brushes 1, 5 & 6 are so soft, they feel lovely on the skin, and I have to say 5 & 6 are my current favourites, but maybe that is just because I find more use for them. I must admit since having the Angled Brow Brush, I’ve been reaching for my brow powder over my pencil most days, and it just glides on so nicely, a lot better than my mini brow brush, (I can actually hold this one properly).

I’ve never really felt the need for a Lash Brush, (Unless I am wearing extensions that is), but actually using the brush before I apply my mascara, just sets up the lashes, and it also helps tame those bushy brows of mine. The Bullet Tip Smudger, is perfect for my evening looks, where I tend to opt for a more smokey appearance, and this little bullet comes in handy for the under eye. I’m yet to use the Precision Eyeliner brush though, I’m not really sure what to use with it yet.

When they first came through, and if I was being really picky, I wasn’t overly keen on the black on black, (Maybe I just think all brushes should be rose gold now) but having had them a couple weeks I’m over that, and I am really impressed with them so far.

Not only are they on sale right now, they also have a 3 year guarantee on them, and you get a nice thank you note, with 20% off your next order.

Have you tried Caribou brushes yet?

Lots of love,


The Healthy Edit #2 How I’m Coping With a Sugar Free Diet


Hey There,

Well I think I’m overdue this post.

At the start of January you may have read my post The Healthy Edit #1 which detailed my new weight management strategy, the sugar free diet. And why it wasn’t a ‘new year new me’ kind of thing. For the first time for me, it had become a health issue, not just a vanity one. At first I was all keen and excited, and thought that documenting my progress for all my readers would give me that extra bit of motivation…and maybe motivate others.

Anyway cue the #1 post, two weeks of sugar free, 9 pounds down on the scales… Result!

Obviously that meant I would loose another 9 pounds in two weeks, right? 18 pounds in a month? Who was I kidding!!

3rd, and 4th week came, still no drop in weight. 5th week came I had gained 2 pounds. 6th week lost the 2 pounds, 7th week eating off plan completely, currently in week 8, feeling shit and needing someone to kick my arse.

If I had wrote this post in week 2, I would be in a very different mind set. I even sat down to write this post last week, while eating Maltesers, (Obviously the post then never happened). I clearly lost track as to why I was doing trying a sugar free diet. A week of eating sugar has made me very sleepy, my mood is up and down and I’ve gone back in to lazy, demotivated mode.

When I think back to the first 5-6 weeks, I may not have seen a continuous drop, but if I had averaged out the 9 pounds and thought realistically, I may have not fallen of the wagon. When I cut out the processed crap, I didn’t even get my sweet tooth craving, I felt great, no bloating, energised, positive everything I am not feeling right now. Which is what I should of focused on, not the scales.

I wish I could sit here writing a more motivating type of post, but I had to be honest. I’ve gone back to reading up the benefits of cutting out sugar, clean eating and the effects of PCOS on the body. Time to get refocused… here’s me jumping back on the healthy wagon.

Have you taken up a new healthier lifestyle recently? How do you make sure you keep a balanced diet?

Lots of love,


 P.S If you haven’t already, watch the documentary Supersize Me.

Glo&Ray Skybreaker Eyeliner| First Impressions & Swatches

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Hey There,

In 2014 I discovered some pretty amazing new beauty brands, and well Glo&Ray just happens to be included in that list. I first heard about Glo&Ray through the blogging community, and after trying a few things for myself, I just keep raving about them. I have not been able to put my brow pencil down, it has completely become my staple brow look.

So as you can imagine I wasn’t going to turn down the chance to try out some of their *Skybreaker Eyeliners (£5.50), and yes, they lived up to expectations.

I was sent ‘Champagne Pink’, ‘Burgundy’ and ‘Ocean Blue’, and I’m struggling to pick a favourite. I can’t believe how intense the colours are, and the formula is just perfect, literally one stroke application and smudge free. I can’t wait to put up some make up looks for you with these.

Have you tried Glo&Ray yet? Which is your favourite shade?

Lots of love,


Valentines Day Gift Idea | For Him & For Her



12 Red Roses | Lush – Lots Of Love | YSL Elle Perfume | Spa Day | Polabox Valentines Day Prints | My Side Your Side Pillowcases



Calvin Klein Underwear | Hugo Boss Aftershave | Initial Cufflinks | Personalised Biscuiteers | Personalised Cheese Board | Tommy Hilfiger Wallet

Lots of Love,


Acupuncture Facial | Review

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Hey There,

Just before Christmas I was contacted by Sharon from Hampshire Acupuncture. She asked whether I would be interested in reviewing one of her acupuncture facials…Need I say more?

Being a Beauty Therapist, I’m always keen to learn, try, and research new beauty treatments, (Well new to me). It also comes with the blogging territory.

I’m not going to lie, the thought of acupuncture on my face did scare me a little, I mean we are talking about someone putting needles in my face. SO of course I got myself on ‘google’, (What did we ever do with out it?) googling the ‘benefits’, and started a bit of a twitter convo. Luckily Sharon was happy to meet me prior to the facial, to discuss the treatment and show me the needles. And it just took one cuppa tea to get me very excited. I could of spent a good few hours chatting to Sharon about acupuncture, its one of those treatments which just fascinate me. And its benefits seem to be endless. Even Kim K has it done.

Acupuncture is said to help reduce the signs of ageing, help problem skin, back pain, stomach complaints and all sorts. All I really wanted was to improve the appearance of my skin, I was hoping the micro trauma caused by the needles would increase the collagen activity in my skin, and 24 hours after the treatment it most certainly had.


OK so, its not like your everyday spa treatment, none of that soothing music, or dimmed lights. But there is something quite relaxing about taking the time out to lie there, on a couch, and not do anything else.

We began with a lifestyle consultation form, before Sharon started placing needles in my feet and hands, which is meant to balance the energy in the body and relax you. As it was my first treatment I didn’t quite relax until the needles were all in, but now I have had one treatment, I think I would be fine on the next one. Who knew needles in the skin would be so relaxing?

I had quite a few needles placed in my face, around the jaw line, on the top of the head, the ears, around the brow line, and the mouth, (Most the areas treated for the signs of ageing). Prior to the needles being put in place, Sharon cleansed my skin with a hyaluronic acid serum, some numbing cream over the brows and around the nose, (The more sensitive areas), and after the needles were taken out, Medik 8 products were used.

The needles used were high quality, as fine as hair, and although I felt a couple go in, 80% off them were inserted without any feeling at all. I did have some redness after the treatment, but I’ve had worse redness from waxing my brows. There is a risk of bruising, but luckily I didn’t, (And I do tend to bruise easily).

After the treatment I felt very relaxed, and very sleepy. I had it on the Friday night which was ideal, but it wasn’t until the Sunday that I saw the full effect of the treatment. My skin looked more glowing, and my blemish marks looked slightly reduced. I was told it takes a few treatments to get the full effects, so I can imagine if I had a course of acupuncture I would really see a lasting improvement in my skin tone.


Sharon operates out of Alresford (The Studio) and Femme Fatale in Swanick Lane, Swanick (Winchester/Southampton).  She can also do neck lifts and cellulite reduction treatments.

Sharons prices are £125 per facial, with a 10% discount if you book and pay for a course of 8 in advance. She recommends a course of 4 facials on consecutive weeks and then 4 or so more on fortnightly intervals.

Its a little pricey compared to some facials out there, but the theory behind acupuncture is very interesting, and it certainly has more health benefits to it than you standard facial.

Have you ever had an Acupuncture treatment? Would you try it?

 Lots of Love,


Space NK Giveaway


Hey There,

SO earlier this week, my blog hit its first milestone on Bloglovin, and boy was I happy. . When I first set up my blog I only ever saw it as a hobby, something that maybe a few friends and family would read, and now that my blog actually has a following, completely blows my mind. SO thank you for visiting my blog, reading my ramblings on, following and supporting me and my blog.

As a little thank you, I will be running a GIVEAWAY, with the chance for one of you to win a £25.00 SpaceNK voucher. Not that long ago I won a similar giveaway, and I was able to pick up a NARS blusher, I loved the fact I could pick what I wanted, and get something I had been after for so long, without spending any of my own money. So instead of running a giveaway with a product I liked, I thought I’d give you the chance to get what you want. Just enter by doing everything listed below.


Lots of love,

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Monthly Favourites #1


Hey There,

Is it just me, or has this been the longest month ever? And I’ve still got another week until pay day. I thought my monthly favourites may take a hit, due to me currently being in ‘Shoppers Rehab‘, and more or less sticking with the old, and not buying any new. However, what has been a pleasant little surprise during this rather difficult spending ‘cut’, is that I have rediscovered some of my old favourites, and actually made my way through my box of ‘blogging’ goodies, (Finally).

1. Considering this has now featured on my blog three times this January, it is no surprise that Make Up Revolution’s Welcome To The Pleasure Dome Palette  made it to the top of my January favourites. The colours are beautifully pigmented, and there is 18 to choose from and to get playful with.

2. I first tried Benefit’s Hello Flawless foundation, when I was lucky enough to go to the launch of their ‘Stay Flawless Primer‘, and its never let me down. I’ve been using it daily, and just got my hands on another one. I love the fact that it has great coverage but doesn’t clog the skin at all.

3. If you read my first ‘Healthy Edit‘ post, at the start of January, you will know that I am currently on a healthy lifestyle change, which involves cutting a lot of the ‘crap’ out, including unnecessary sugars, (Unfortunately that includes chocolate). One of the books getting me through this change is Honestly, Healthy, Food for Life by Natasha Corrett. It is quite vegan based, so I adapt a lot of the recipes and just add my meat in, but even down to my sweet cravings, this book has it covered, and it explains the nutritional benefits.

4. Sometimes boyfriends get it right, and in this case my one earned himself some brownie points, by surprising me with this Moroccan Argan Oil Yankee Candle. I say surprise, he tried, but for some reason the DPD sent me a text to tell me it was on its way. Its the thought that counts, and it smells lovely.

5. I’ve never really been one to wear watches, but I’ve always wanted one, normally the expensive bling ones, but in 2014 I began a little obsession with Olivia Burton Watches. I think it was the pastel colours that got me. SO you can imagine my excitement opening this up on Christmas day, and it has barely left my arm.

6. And finally it had to be Bobbi Browns Bronze Glow, the most beautiful high lighting powder, I have ever come across. And it even doubles up as a eye shadow.

What were your favourites this month?

Lots of love,