Bobbi Brown – Bronze Glow



Hey There,

OK, so after having been obsessed with Benefits Hoola bronzer since 2009, I mean no other bronzer was deemed good enough, in 2014 I was finally able to get past the Benefit counter, and I found myself heading in to the lights of Bobbi Brown…


After nearly opting for a more tangoed glow, (Had it not been for the Counter girls rushing to my rescue), I ended up leaving with the Bronzing Powder Natural 1,  (And a few pounds lighter), at £28.00. Although a tad more expensive than the Hoola, (£4.00 to be exact), I was pleased to see their bronzers had a matte finish, I’m not into any of that pearlised, shimmer, (Unless we are talking ‘One Hot Minute). Natural 1, is slightly darker than Hoola on my skin, but it glides on smoothly, perfects my foundation, and gives a silky sun kissed look… I just love it.


After falling for the bronzed beauty of the Natural 1, I revisited the Bobbi Brown counter in search of some Christmas gift ideas, and err ended up leaving with a rather expensive gift for myself….Oops. But how can anyone resist, not only this beautiful packaging, but the stunning golden shimmer of this bronze glow powder? It is just too pretty, right?! Having found myself walking away from the Bobbi Brown counter, minus £36.00, a little confused, with no gift ideas, I was wondering whether I had just stupidly fallen for the sale, (It had all happened rather quickly). But that I had not, this fabulous high light powder, doesn’t only illuminate my skin, and provide the perfect ‘pick me up’ look over my cheeks, but it makes a pretty good eye shadow too.

Have you tried Bobbi Browns bronzers and highlighters? What is your favourite BB cosmetic?

Happy Sunday All.

Lots of Love,


Makeup Look – Violet & Nude Tones



Hey There,

Today’s make up look is a bit of a three in one post, I wanted to test out more of my Make Up Rev ‘Pleasure Dome’ palette, while also report back to you my thoughts on some Smashbox goodies I picked up at the Smashbox Blogger Event in Southampton, and then get your thoughts on my Illamasqua Glamore Lipstick…


When I looked in my goody bag and spotted the renowned ‘Smashbox Photo Finish Primer’, I felt myself get a little bit excited. I had been after this primer for a while, having been so hyped in the blogging world. Of course I tried it almost immediately, but to be honest since then, it’s kind of been gathering dust. I’m not sure whether I had over hyped it in my head, or what, as I don’t dislike the primer, I just didn’t see what all the ‘fuss’ was about. As far as I can see my face doesn’t look any more ‘photo ready’ than it does with other primers, and I’ll be very honest and say, I much prefer Benefits Porefessional, (Where I can definitely see a difference). The consistency and feel on the skin is similar to Porefessional, just not as good.

When I first set eyes on the Kohl Eyeliner in Violetta, I was a bit like ‘Oh it’s a nice colour, but it’s not really me’, (With out sounding completely like a brat), I was unsure as to how I would use it, or if I would at all….

That was until my Make Up Rev palette came in to my life, and just happened to have some very complimentary colours, one in particular being ‘Love Your Body’, so I tested it out, and now I LOVE it. One of the BEST things about the eye liner is that it has a self sharpen twist lid, (Surely the best idea ever).




I started with a base colour ‘What a Pushover’ a nude matte from the ‘Pleasure Dome’ palette, which has recently been the start up for my everyday looks. I then surrounded the eyelid with a matte violet ‘Love Your Body’, to really contrast against the cream and of course compliment the Violetta eyeliner, which had to be ‘winged’.

I picked up my current ‘go to’ foundation, Benefits ‘Hello Flawless’ to set the base over the Smashbox Primer, and contoured the cheeks with my Rockateur Blush, (Which is a softer look for day time). Swept my NYX cake powder over the brows, and coated the Lashes with Loreal Million Lash Mascara.

And finally finished with Illamasqua Glamore Lipstick in Tease, a VERY nude lippy, to really bring out the eyes. Now I’m not sure how I feel about this lipstick, as it is a little bit to ‘concealer’ like to me, and takes me back to my awful ‘concealer lip days’, (Something I’d rather forget). What do you reckon, do you like this kind of pale nude?


 Have you tried any of these? How do you feel about nude lips? Do you like this look?

Lots of love,


Sale Shopping Haul


Hey There,

Is there anything better than sale shopping?  Especially when it’s all done online, sweatpants on, make up off, you can even eat and drink! No endless sale racks and queuing to be done.

OK, so this kinda post shouldn’t really come so soon after my Spending Cut post, however as these were sale items, or items purchased with Christmas vouchers, these are absolutely ‘guilt’ free splurges.


To be honest with you all, I was trying to stay clear of the temptation of the sales, but when I heard Illamasqua had a 50%, 60% AND 70% off sale *Insert ridiculously excited face*, I’d of been stupid not to buy anything…Right? It was a struggle to get through the website, and to the checkout with out any full priced items, I’m not going to lie. But I succeeded and am SO happy with my purchases. I picked up their lip pencil in Spell, a gorgeous reds red, and their Reflection eye shadow palette, made up of a mixture of bronze, graphite, taupe, and lemon colours, (Just bea….utiful). I think I paid something like £17.00 for two items worth £45.00 ish, (Absolute BARGAIN).

My GOSH cosmetics were picked up using some ‘Love To Shop’ gift vouchers  I received at Christmas, (Unfortunately full priced). I had lost my Mandarina lippy, which is a must have spring summer colour, so of course I had to buy it again, (The old ones still not shown up), and having lusted over some grey eye shadows for some time, thinking I should of kept my mums Giorgio Armani ones for myself, I thought it was about time I invested in some. You can’t beat a grey smokey eye.


Finally my gift vouchers were used up on some Newlook fashion. Having had a lot of green eye envy over A LOT of fashion bloggers pastel coats last year, I was keen to get my hands on this collarless lilac one. Now I’ve got it, I kinda love it, but I also kinda don’t. I’m really unsure of it. I think its one of those coats I like on the hanger and just feel is a bit to daring once on…Do you know what I mean? With a thing for faux fur, I had to pick up this cream jacket, I feel a little bit like a polar bear, but with the right outfit it will look perfect. Plus both came to £35.00 Instead of £70.00 +.

Have you done any sale shopping? What has been your best buy this January?

Thanks for reading.

Lots of love,


Make Up Look With Make Up Revolution


Hey There,

As 2014 came to an end, and I looked back on my year of blogging, I made a little promise to myself and my blog, and that was to do more make up. Playing around with make up, and creating various looks, is one of my favourite past times. And for one reason or another I just have’t done a lot of these posts… Well today is the first of many, and I hope you like.

Following on from last weeks Swatches & First Impressions post on Make Up Revolutions ‘Welcome To The Pleasure Dome’ 18 piece palette, this is the first, of a few looks…

make up rev look 1  SAM_2142


For the base I used ‘Moving On’ a gorgeous golden bronze, I added ‘Jungle Call’ as a deeper colour to the outer edge of the eyelid, which both kind of remind me of the Naked 3 rose hued colours. Finishing with a stunning and a little bit daring green, ‘Sell It By The Hour’ under the eye, and of course a black liner flick. To compliment ‘Sell It By The Hour’ I chose Rimmel London Kate 16 pink lipstick.


Sticking to my current ‘go to’ pieces, I went for Glo&Ray on the brows, and Benefit Hello Flawless for the base, finishing off with some bronzer.

What do you think of the contrasting colours? Do you play it safe when it comes to make up, or love a bold look?

Let me know what you think.

Lots of love,


Lush Cosmetics – Massage Bars & Bath Bombs : My Collection


Hey There,

For me 2014 was the year I fell back in love with Lush. I have always been familiar with their home made cosmetics, but little did I know I was going to fall in to full obsession mode with their indulgent massage bars…. And I’m trying to get around them all.

Just before Christmas at the November #Sotonmeetup I picked up Butter Bear, and First Snow, (Ready for the festive season) I brought Pearl in store and was lucky enough to find Soft Coeur and Hottie in my goody bag, (It set my Lush stash up good and proper for the new year).

Butter Bear was used and gone with in minutes, I did try and save him for a while, based on the fact he was a Bear, but I had heard he made a great bath… And that he did! Not only did I clearly like the shape, the Butter Bear really left my skin feeling hydrated and silky soft after one bath.

First Snow caught my eye, when the Lush girls used it after the Massage bar. The idea was to use the glitter dust, to soak up the excess oils from the bar, and leave the skin sparkling… I was sold right away. Unfortunately I haven’t really used it much, I think it’s one of those products which I’ll be OTT with come Spring/Summer. It smells rather fresh and citrusy which is perfect.

Pearl was one of their new massage bars, and to be honest it was the Rose oil and Sago bubbles which made me want it. The bar smelt amazing, and was extremely nourishing, (Like all their massage bars), the only problem was the pink bubbles kept falling out, and I would find them all over my bathroom floor, (And I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them)

Soft Coeur is what I’m on to now. It has to be my BEST Lush massage bar scent. I’ve got such a sweet tooth and this is a toffee fragrance. I love the heart shape, but I love what is in it even more… Almond oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Honey and Cocoa centre!

Finally the last of my collection is their Hottie Deep Tissue Massage bar, which after typing this I need to give a rub on my neck and shoulders. I am yet to use this one, as I’m not so keen on the scent, which contains Ginger and Black Pepper. But if it helps my tension then it is all good.

Now that I am down to my last few Lush products, I need to fill up my stash. What would you recommend?

Lots of love,


NEW Product Launch : Merumaya

Merumaya Hand Cream pair

Hey There,

Any new product launch gets us bloggers very excited, especially new releases from our favourite brands. You may remember me banging on about some amazing skincare products I discovered last year, (And I wasn’t the only one), Merumaya even made it on to my list of the Best Beauty Finds of 2014. SO as you can imagine I was rather happy to hear about this new Hand Cream of theirs being released on Monday 9th February, and errr well rather keen to get my hands on some myself.

Merumaya ‘Hydrate & Protect’ Hand cream, (£12.50) has been designed to perfect the signs of ageing with Hyaluronic Acid, which hydrates and firms, while preventing the signs of ageing with the help of an SPF15. Merumaya claim it will make your ‘hands look rejuvenated; silky, plump and youthful’, (I like the sound of that).

It is SO important to look after your hands and nails, I may preach it a lot more than I follow it, I’ll hold my hands up to that one. I’m forever telling my manicure clients to invest in one. I’m hoping a good hand cream will help me change my ways. But it is true, your hands are always exposed, and unfortunately are the tell tale sign of your age, so if you look after your face and body, don’t forget your hands!

Will you be picking one up? How do you take care of your hands? Have you tried Merumaya yet?

Lots of love,


P.S You can find Merumaya online, and at some John Lewis stores.

Make Up Revolution ‘Welcome To The Pleasure Dome’


make up rev 4

Hey There,

I’m kinda kicking myself for keeping this beaut of a palette hidden away for SO long. I’m forever hearing GREAT things about Make Up Revolution, they are on every blog, and have got the blogging world buzzing. Their products I’ve tried so far have met my expectations, so some kinda madness must of struck when I decided to tuck this one to the back of the make up drawer….And I err nearly forgot about it.

I was lucky enough to get my Make Up Revolution ‘Welcome To The Pleasure Dome‘ (£6) palette in my #Sotonmeetup goody bag back in November, (Alice and Amy know me so well). Its got some lovely nudes, browns, and bronze toned colours, shimmers and matte eye shadows, even some greens, and purples for when I’m feeling brave.


Since swatching these shades, this Make Up Revolution palette has become my ‘go to’, with my current faves being ‘Moving On’, ‘Sell It By The Hour’ and ‘Diamond By The Shower’. I can’t wait to create some looks for you all! I’m going to be playing around with these shades tomorrow, so keep an eye out for the posts later on this week.

What shades stand out to you most? Which shades would you like me to use in my first make up look?

Lots of love,


My Most Popular Posts From 2014


Hey There,

After talking a hell of a lot about New Years Resolutions, and reflecting on 2014, I thought looking back at the ‘Best of Beautybykaris’ would be a nice round up, and a positive start to 2015. And when I say ‘Best of’ I mean the most popular ones, read most by you beautiful lot.

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Make Up Revolution – Magnificent Copper

Collection New BB Secrets Review

Lush Cosmetics – King of Skin & Therapy Bar Review

Thanks again for all your support through 2014, BRING ON 2015!!

Lots of love,


Spending Cut #Shoppingrehab


Hey There,

I swear my pay cheque just vanishes into thin air each month, (Is this just me?). It literally reaches my account and bounces right back out again. Not only do I spend most of my time spending my money in my head before it hits my account, but I seem to burn a hole into my card each month. With it being a New Year, still living back at home, and still in my student credit card, I thought it was about time I sorted my little piggy bank out.

I’m not sure what I spend my money on. I may buy the odd outfit or cosmetic, but when I really think about it, I’m not spending hundreds funding my shopping addiction. So the only conclusion I have come to is FOOD! It must be food, as my waist is the only thing getting bigger, not the contents of my room….Actually who am I kidding, it’s shopping, (And food). I need  to think skinny waist, and dollar bills $$$.

Spending bans just don’t work for me, and anyway I’m looking at this more long term than short term. I’m thinking, spending cut! My plan is to spend less on material things, and more on the memories, while also saving and paying of debts, (I can do this!). Why have ten pairs of jeans when I can go to France for a weekend? Why order a take away when that £30 can go in the ISA. I’ve already broke down my in goings and outgoings, as my first point of budget control, and now it’s time to set my spending cut principles in to place!!



This is probably going to be my biggest test, as this is probably what I’m worst at. If I see an item of clothing I want, I’m going to leave it, try and find an alternative in my wardrobe, and if not live by a 3 day rule. If I still want it after 3 days, and I mean, I haven’t stopped thinking about it, and I’m visually piecing outfit ideas together in my head, then I can go back and buy it, (Maybe try and find a discount code first).

If I run out of mascara, or concealer, I NEED to replace it, but if it’s a lipstick or eye shadow I need to consider that a luxury.  I may have to avoid all high end blog posts these next few months, just for precaution measures. But if I find myself lusting over a high end product, I’ll hunt for a high street dupe first.


If my favourite jeans get ripped or my boots fall apart, then I’m thinking its OK to shop, not just because I want the pair I’ve seen on a fashion blogger. In most cases I can go on a site like ASOS, and find something pretty decent in their sale, and that is normally ALL year around. And there’s always clothes swapping with friends for those special occasions.


Normally by the month end, I’m scraping the pennies together. On occasion I may have the odd £30.00 left, and instead of putting that into savings, I spend it on something random, which probably sits in my wardrobe or make up drawer, never to be see again…Or probably a Chinese which just sits on my thighs. My priorities need fixing up.


In the Beauty world, tipping isn’t as expected or the ‘norm’ as it is with hairdressers and waiters, but I can collect myself a fair amount each week, and with these extra pounds, I’ll be buying any items of my wishlist. As I kinda think of tips as not my money, (If that makes sense).

I’ve already switched my food shop from Sainsburys to Aldi’s, as although Sainsburys is very convenient for me, Aldi costs me something silly like 40-50% less. The only downfall is it doesn’t sell everything I need.

The idea is that I’m changing my spending habits, so I can say ‘yes’ to more social things like holidays and getaways, and ‘no’ to buying for the sake of it. By doing my budget plan each month, I can make sure I am on top of things. I don’t want to end up looking at money negatively.

How will you be saving money this year? Do you have any tips for me? Will you take up any of my tips?

Lots of love,


The Healthy Edit #1



Hey There,

This post is going to seem so cliche at this time of year, (Nearly as much so as the new year new me status), as I am sure that so many people are jumping on the healthy wagon at this moment in time. But hey, why not! A new year is just as a good excuse as any to swap the crisps for bananas, am I right? I like to see it as a time to step up a gear.

My ‘Healthy edit’ project is not about any new years resolutions. I want to keep that concept as far away from my mind as I can, as I’ll face up to it, it never helped me loose weight in 2013, or 2014….

For the past couple of years I have found myself suffering from various symptoms, including fatigue, mood swings, bad skin, and all sorts. Knowing my body and myself, I just haven’t felt quite right. Knowing it was quite hormonal, (As in I felt like I had PMT constantly), I assumed it was something to do with my Thyroid… Well it would seem after numerous blood tests, and my persistent nagging at the Doctors, I have poly-cystic ovaries. Which is actually more common than I had first realised.

I’m not sure exactly what this means but I have an idea, and I know for one that weight loss helps. And at this stage it is Doctors orders. Time to cut out the white carbs and the refined sugars.

Its funny really, as the changes I’m going to make in my everyday diet, are just common sense when it comes to healthy eating. I could of/should of made these changes ages ago, and yeah I’ve jumped on and off diets all year, I knew in myself I would feel more confident loosing weight, but I wasn’t aware it would have such an effect on the hormones/emotions I was going through, which is what makes it ‘different’ for me this time. Its less vanity more health. I went round in circles constantly, as I would just have very up days and very down days, where I would just crash, and guess what…. I’m an emotional eater. And what tastes good when you feel like shit? Dominoes pizza. And what happens when you eat crap… you feel worse, you gain weight, and you feel even worse. Its like a food roller-coaster.

I don’t know if I will never have a pizza again, or sticky toffee pudding, but I’ve just got to think about how it makes me feel after. Maybe once the symptoms are balanced back out, I may be able to have a ‘treat’, but maybe it is better to just cut out completely. I’m not sure. Right now, its one day at a time, and I’ll be living by the principles of clean eating.

-No white carbs – None of that white bread, white pasta nonsense.

-Keeping my choices as organic as I can – Fresh fruit and veg, organic meats.

-No processed foods  – If it is not in its natural form don’t eat it, none of that microwaveable crap.

-Full fat choices – I’m talking butter, not spread, full fat milk not skimmed, as what else do they put in it to replace that fat?

-Less caffeine – I can’t start the day with out a cuppa tea, (But maybe that is just a habit) but I’ll be bringing back the green tea.

Here is my first healthy food shopping list of 2015:

Red onion


Kiwi fruit




Brown Rice


Organic chicken

Green tea

Unsalted butter

Blue top milk

Organic Feta cheese

Free range eggs

I personally find my biggest struggle is lunch, and getting through work. My boyfriends mum told me about the ‘ready to eat’ smoked salmon and rice, and not only is it the quickest and easiest dish to make for lunch, but it is very tasty. My plan is to eat the eggs for breakfast, and do some nice meals with the chicken, veg and feta in the evenings.

Sometimes the key to healthy eating is sticking to what you know, I will try and vary things up and will keep you updated on my food choices, any recipes I come across and how well I am doing on my fat loss journey. Of course I’ve also booked on to some gym classes this week, (Bring on the guns) its all about the exercise too. Right now I’m not feeling a before photo, but I will take one, and maybe eventually I will share that with you all, (Fully clothed I will add).

I’m excited but apprehensive about sharing this with you all. I mean it should inspire me but I hope it does help anyone else on their healthy eating journey.

**This is a lifestyle change, not a New Year Resolution**

What is in your shopping basket? Do you have any healthy recipes you can share with me?

Lots of love,