Halloween Nails – Manicure Monday #25


Hey There,

With Halloween around the corner, and as a follow up from my Halloween make up post I thought it was only appropriate to do some Halloween nails for a special ‘manicure monday’ post, (Have I said the word Halloween enough times yet?).

We have been getting some nail art ready in work, which got me in the mood for doing some at home and obviously sharing some with you lovely lot. I think if you are going to go all out with the special effect make up, and costumes, you might as well finish the look of with some ‘spooky’ nails, don’t you think?

Each look was designed using a selection of Orly colours, some nail pens, and a steady hand. I can’t pick a complete favourite, but I do like the spiders web, and the nail ‘dripping’ with blood, what are your thoughts? Will you be getting some ‘horror’ nail art ready for trickle treating?

What are you doing this Halloween?

Lots of love,


1000 Twitter Followers – Giveaway

Hey There,

I can’t believe I’m now at 1000 twitter followers, and that there are 1000 people that don’t mind listening to me tweeting random things, listening to my everyday ramblings and supporting my blog. I would like to say a massive THANK YOU, and in order to do that I thought I’d give my followers a chance to WIN, a skincare mask of their choice from Origins.

Most of you will know how much I love my skincare from Origins, and personally I would recommend the Drink Up Intensive Mask, or the Clear Improvement one, but you know your skin better than  I do.

To enter this giveaway you must do ALL of the below:

1- Follow me on Twitter Beautybykaris

2 – RT my giveaway Tweet on Twitter

3 – Follow me on Bloglovin

The giveaway will FINISH at midnight on the 6th November, the winner will be picked at random, and must be over the age of 16. This giveaway is open internationally, and the choice of mask can not cost more than £23.00.

Good luck, and thank you again.

Lots of love,


Halloween Make Up – More Twilight than Dracula


Hey There,

The one thing I do love about this make up look, is that you don’t have to be too neat and tidy. Like most Halloween looks, your not meant to look pristine.

I did actually buy a wig and some fangs, but the massive fail on my behalf, is that one my head is too big for the wig, and two, I think I brought kids fangs….(Maybe the wig was a child’s one to, or they were just crap). So you’ll have to imagine this look with a black wig, maybe some contacts and some fangs. But otherwise, I think the looks quite good, maybe more Twilight, than Dracula.


My tools for creating this look – Face paint crayons, a pale concealer/foundation, black eye shadow and my gorgeous Rubywoo lipstick…The face crayons weren’t too bad for the price, the black was the best one, but the Rubywoo had to come out, as the red crayon just didn’t quite cut it.


To achieve this look, I coated my face in pale concealer, and contoured using the black crayon, (This was an unusual experience, as normally its Tan and bronzer). I just went to town on the eyes with the black eyeshadow, I thought for this look, theres never too much, adding some red crayon to finish the look. I was in two minds which colour to go for on the lips, so I just used both and I think its quite effective actually.

What do you think of my Vampire look? What are you going out as this Halloween?

Lots of love,

Manicure Monday #24


Hey there,

Its been ages since I’ve been able to do a Manicure Monday post, and oh how I have missed them. Since getting back in to the Beauty salon world, I have barely had my nails in polish at all, as you can imagine it barely lasts a day, one treatment and its practically removed itself, (And you know what I think about chipped nails).

Having bare nails last week, I was keen to get a bit of colour on them ready for the weekend. I thought I’d do my ring finger with a couple daisies, and then the next minute I had gone all out, and done all ten.

The base colour on my nails is Rubble by CND Vinylux a 7 day wear nail polish. It is extremely fast drying, even on application you can see it drying, but it won’t smudge after 10 minutes like most others. I love this colour as it is so neutral but also perfect for Autumn.

For the polka dot daisies, I used a Dotting Tool, and with a VERY steady hand, I placed each dot on to the nail to form the daisy.

What do you think of my nail art? Are you a fan of the polka dot daisies?

Lots of love,

Autumn Beauty Wishlist

beauty wishlist

Hey There,

With this cold weather, you would think I’d be after all the lotions and potions for my skin, but actually I’m after more make up and nail varnishes this month.

Recently I have slacked with my Manicure Monday posts, mainly because in my type of work, only a shellac polish will survive more than a day, but after seeing the launch of Alexa Hearts Nails Inc collection, my love for a nice polish is coming back. Especially this red heart beauty.

As well as Alexa’s range, I’ve also set my eyes on the Barry M Aquarium collection, they are gorgeous and so mermaidesque, my fave is persian and mermaid. I know they aren’t exactly Autumn colours, but who cares.

I don’t think what I am about to say will go down to well amongst the beauty blogging world… but I have never tried a NARS product, (Think I deserve a slap on the wrist). I hear so many good things about NARS, in particular the blushers, after having a little nosey online, I quite fancy this NARS Blusher, and it is probably about time I established a better blush collection.

When I trained as a beauty therapist, we were taught all about colour correction in our make up lessons, (Not that I can remember it all exactly), but personally I’ve never really come across it as a mainstream thing, more of a secret amongst make up artists, so I am intrigued to see how well the Max Factor colour corrector concealers work.

What nail polishes are you after this Autumn? Have you tried any colour correctors before? Are you a NARS fan?

Lots of love,

Autumn Fashion Wishlist

fashion wishlist

Hey There,

So here I was a few weeks ago, wishing it was autumn so I could get my knitwear and boots out, and now I’m sulking, in soggy shoes, singing for the rain to go away.

At least today I am in the comfort of my own home, heating on, wrapped up all cozy, with nothing to do but blog… So the weather won’t be getting the better of me today.

I do wonder sometimes, that if I had brought everything on my wishlists, where I would store it or how often I would use/wear it, they just seem to be never ending. I seem to want EVERYTHING.

Talking about cosy autumn knitwear, I am absolutely lusting over New Looks midi cardigans, wraps and tartan influences this season. I’ve never been a wrap/poncho kinda girl, but I’m really liking this trend. I am determined to get my hands on one.

Now my regular readers will know, I love a bit of faux fur, I have a leopard print coat, and a grey gillet, and I wasn’t particularly looking for another faux fur coat, until of course, my eyes set on this stunning pink River Island one. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely more of a RI fan in the AW.

I think you either love or hate Uggs. Spending the best part of my three years at uni in them, I turned slightly against them. But I just can’t find any other boot, which is as comfy, and which literally goes with everything. I don’t think I can go another year with out a pair in my life. Personally I like the Classic Short in Chestnut.

Are you a fan of the Ugg boot? What trends are you excited for this AW? Is faux fur your thing?

Lots of Love,


No Make up, Make up


Hey There,

It seems that faking the all natural look, has become the new ‘thing’ amongst beauty and fashion lovers, hitting the catwalks, and being the ‘go to’ look this summer season. With everyone after that perfect no make up, make up glow.

I think the look falls in perfectly, and effortlessly with our laidback summer vibes, as we all dare to bare a bit more with our slightly more bronzed skin, but will it be as popular this autumn/winter?

I do love a natural look, and am always envious of those who seem to achieve this so easily, and with such a gorgeous glow. But whenever I give it a try, there is just something I am not quite comfortable with. And I think it must be the lack of mascara. I love the natural look of my skin, and lips but I am such a fan of the false lash look that going completely bare on the eyes, is a little out of my comfort zone. Maybe a tinted lash treatment would sort this look out for me.

SAM_1800 SAM_1801 SAM_1810 SAM_1802

I do love a more natural face especially for day time, just as much as I love getting completely glammed up for the evening, and there is just something fun about faking the no make up look. I feel like this type of make up, is my staple Sunday face, the perfect make up choice for lazing around. I personally think this is more of a summer trend, but what do you think?


For my no make up, make up look I used…
Bare Minerals Ready Foundation
NYX Cosmetics Concealer Jar
Bobbi Brown Bronzer
Maybelline Babylips
Bourjois Nude Cream Blush
Elizabeth Arden Eyelash Curlers
Eco Tools Brush

What do you think of the no make up, make up look? Do you prefer natural or a full glam look? How do you create a natural glow?

Lots of love,

The Blogger Tag

Hey There,

I haven’t done a tag in ages, and then I get two in one week, (I’m not complaining though), I love reading tags just as much as I do writing them, as it gives you a little more insight in to that person. I was tagged by the lovely Alice from Anniewritesbeauty, so here is mine…

1. What is your favourite beauty product?
Oh this is a tough one, I would probably have to say Benefit’s Hoola on the basis of how many times I have repurchased it, but I would say Origins Night a Mins moisturiser for my favourite skincare product, it smells incredible, and works wonders on my skin.

2. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
I think this question should be, ‘where in the world do I not want to travel’ as that would make the list a lot smaller. I think the place that appeals to me most is Asia, especially Thailand, Bhali, Vietnam, I would love to experience there cuisine, culture and of course there picturesque beaches and full moon parties. I would love to go to Australia, (As I have friends and family out there) but I actually think America would be my first choice, just because in my head, if I went out there I would live like the Kardashians, or at least have a life like they did on the Hills, (Wishful thinking).

3. What is your all time favourite brand?
I would have to go with Origins, as their skincare range helped sort my teenage skin out and I still use them now.

4. Do you collect anything, if so what is it?
It appears I collect lip glosses, just never really wear them.

5. Early bird or night owl?
Early bird, although that snooze button gets rinsed in the mornings, if I sleep in past a certain time I feel like I have waisted my day, and just feel a bit confused for the rest of the afternoon.

6. Tea or coffee?
Tea all the way.

7. What is your favourite TV show?
Friends, as it is the only show I can watch more than once, not get bored, and still find the same parts funny. I need to get my hands on SITC as I’ve watched a couple episodes and know I’ll be hooked.

8. If you could travel to any era what would it be?
The Roman Empire interests me, I don’t think I would want to of been there though, but it would be nice to see how everything was 50 or 100 years ago.

Its now my time to tag. I tag…..

Kate from Sugarfixxbeauty

Kirstie from Ayellowbrickblog

Ami from Amzyinwonderland

Have a lovely day.

Lots of love,


Septembers Beauty Favourites


Hey There,

For once, I am actually excited that this month has gone so quick, as October is going to be a very fun month for me, and it means I am one month closer to becoming an Auntie *Happy Face*.

Only one of today’s favourites are yet to be reviewed on Beautybykaris, but I just couldn’t not put it in this post, as I have been using it and obsessing with it daily. I am talking about Bare Minerals Ready Foundation (Have you tried it?), this is the first powder form foundation I have EVER used, but oh my, I may be converted, (Watch this space for the full review). There has been a re-entry by a gorgeous Benefit Blush, which made it on to my February Favourites, it is such a stunning, rose gold colour, which is perfect day to night. I have fallen back in love with this blusher as it looks great alongside a good contour and highlighter.

SAM_1792 SAM_1791

If you read Sundays post, you will know why Lush Cosmetics
Catastraphe mask made it on to my favourites. I even have it on as I type. And finally after over coming my fear of the red lip, with my beautiful new MAC Rubywoo lipstick, I have now made it one of my ‘go to’ autumn lip colours, (See a look I created here).

SAM_1794 SAM_1789

Are you a powder or liquid foundation kinda person? Are you a fan of a red lip? What is your ‘go to’ blusher this month?

Lots of love,


Magnaminty, Cupcake, Catastrophe


Hey There,

If your a Lush fan, you’ve probably already guessed what todays post is about just from the title. Last month I was lucky enough to be invited to a Blogger event down at Lush Southampton, (Well its more up the road really). I had just rediscovered a love for Lush products, after falling for their ‘King of Skin’ bar, which was in my goodie bag from the #Sotonmeetup, so you can imagine I was rather excited about going.

One of the things we got to see and take part in was the making of two, very well known and wonderful Lush masks. Catastrophe and Cupcake. It was amazing to see it made in front of us, as it showed how natural the masks were, and you could see exactly what was going in to each one. I asked a few questons at this stage, as I was a little sceptical as to how ‘homemade’ things can me, when mass produced and from a factory. But the staff memeber explained, that it literally is all done by hand, and the deliveries are made almost straight away. With the Southampton main distributor being Poole, I believed him. The Catastrophe mask, apparently differs in colour depending on what time the mask is made, I think they said it is more of a pinky colour if made in the mornings, (Something to do with the Blueberries), but don’t quote me on that. These masks are literally that natural, they are edible, (I mean just look at the ingredients), I did actually do a taste test of the Cupcake mask, (Considering it looked like cake mix), but I can tell you it does not taste like it looks, its more like when you accidently spray deodrant in your mouth, (Come on, we’ve all done it).

So I have had about a month to try these, (And there still going). I’ve been using them about once a week, sometimes twice. The Cupcake one smells pretty good, (And as I said, it doesn’t taste like it looks or smells… unfortunately), this mask is designed to clarify and cleanse your skin, removing impurities. Each time I washed my Cupcake mask off, my face did feel a little dryer, a nice squeeky clean feel to it, but in regards to my impurities, ‘spots’ and ‘blackheads’ should I say, I haven’t seen much difference. It recommends 10-15minutes, but I normally put it on before a bath and wash it off before I get out.


So what is in it?
Rhassoul Mud
Linseed Infusion
Fair Trade Colombian Cocoa Butter
Cocoa Butter
Fresh Mint
Sandalwood Oil
Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute
Spearmint Oil
Peppermint Oil

I think the *Limoneneperfume and Talc was probably what ruined the taste.

lush 2 SAM_1784

The Catastrophe mask, doesn’t smell as good, but does have a lovely sweet blueberry aroma to it. I actually found this mask a lot more suited to my skin, its more calming, soothing, and nourishing, and it left my skin feeling really hydrated. The Blueberries make it a really good antioxidant, and add the good vitamins to it, and you know I love a good vitamin or two in my face products. I have always found that Rose or Chamomile suit my skin, I think the calming properties of the Chamomile, and the hydrating effects of the Rose, compliment my skin well.


So what’s in it?
Calamine Powder
Irish Moss Gel
Almond Oil
Rose Absolute
Chamomile Blue Oil
Sweet Wild Orange Oil
*LimoneneMethyl Ionone

My skin is fairly combination, varying between being more oily or dry, depending on what it feels like. For me the Catastrophe was definitely the best face mask, and I would buy it again.

lush 1 SAM_1783

Moving on to the third mask, Mask of Magnaminty which is for both face and body, but as you can imagine I’ve been slightly overloaded with face masks, so I have stuck with using this one just on the body, (Mainly chest and back). I’m not a massive fan of the smell, but I have never been one to love a minty scent, and this one is quite powerful. Unlike the other two masks, this is self preserving, so you don’t have to use it up before it grows mould kinda thing. I always focus on looking after the skin on my face, rarely using anything but soap and water on my body, so it was really nice to try a more indulgent, pampering product on my body. The mint smell really awakens yours skin, and the Aduki beans give your skin a gentle but deep exfoliation, leaving it feeling very clean, (I should really try this on the face), this one would be perfect for oily/spot prone skin….Unfortunately this one wasn’t made in front of me.

So what is in it?
Bentonite GelKaolin
Ground Aduki Beans
Evening Primrose Seeds
Peppermint Oil
African Marigold Oil
Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute

SAM_1785 SAM_1763

My only previous experience with Lush masks, is using the ones my flat mates had brought, so I have really been enjoying trying out these three. I like how thick the consistency of the masks are, having been made so fresh. I am so used to these thin masks now, that look more like moisturisers, that it felt good to whack a load of nourishing ingredients on my skin.

Have you tried any Lush Masks? Which one sounds like your favourite?

Lots of love,