Celebrity Style Crush #3

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Today’s Celeb style crush, is a little different than the previous two. Instead of crushing over this celebs wardrobe, I am discussing one particular outfit, which has got classic look stamped all over it, fashion inspo at its best. Finding this outfit has got me right onto the Pinterest hype. Now I know this look is pretty simple, but it is always a winner in my eyes, one you can not go wrong with, but yet I always forget about. It is definitely making me want to reach for my skinny jeans, (Well inspiring me to slim back down to fit in to them), and I am now officially on the hunt for a nice pair of red stilettos, (Suggestions please?).

 And I am talking about Olivia Palermo. This girl is pretty well known for her fashion style, and if I had legs like hers I would be in skinny’s all the time. This look is perfect. What do you reckon?


Its amazing, how a great pair of heels can make a jean and shirt combo so fabulous, right? An outfit that is fit for daytime through to night.

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*Photo credit see bottom left corner, this is not my own picture*

Septembers Fashion Wishlist

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With the new season coming along, I’m a little stuck between trends at the moment. I’m still wanting to wear my summer outfits, but also lusting over my staple winter items. My September wishlist is a little more AW focused though.

Red Stilettos – Once you read my ‘Celeb Style Crush #3′ you will know why I am after a red pair of stilettos. I really love these Carvela ones, what do you think?


Knitwear – Anything knitted I pretty much adore come AW time. I’m really liking some of the jumpers from Zara and Newlook at the moment, in particular this gorgeous blue cable one.


Nude belt fold coat from Wallis – I spotted this coat in a magazine the other week, and I just absolutely love it. It looks so cosy, yet smart and sophisticated, quite a classic statement coat.


Tartan Skirt from H&M – How nice would this look with some knitwear, tights and boots? I’m definitely going to have to get my hands on some tartan this year, and this skirt is very cute.


What is on your fashion wishlist this month?

Lot of love,

Septembers Beauty Wishlist

Hey There,

I can still post my September wishlist in the second half of the month right? Now where do I start? My wishlists seem to be never ending and constantly growing, I hope Santa is taking note. I’ve narrowed down my September wishlist just about, to include those extra special bits.

Charlotte Tilburys Luxury Palette in Vintage Vamps – It seems my high end eye shadow palettes make up the majority of my beauty wishlist at the moment, but I mean how beautiful are these colours, the ideal shades for AW14 right?


Illamasqua Skinbase Foundation – One of my ‘go to’ highlighting products is Illamasquas skin base foundation, a friend of mine (Who happens to be a lot paler than me) gave it to me as she wasn’t getting on with it, and I had been banging on about contouring and highlighting for so long, she probably wanted to shut me up. Now I’d like to try it as an actual skin base, but obviously in my colour.


Two Faced Chocolate Palette – After seeing the gorgeous Liza from http://www.glambeautys.com/2014/08/too-faced-chocolate-bar-palette-better.html talking about this palette, (And of course listening to everything that girl says) I had to add it to the ‘most wanted’ list. The eyeshadows look stunning, and again a perfect set for the next season.


NYX Cosmetics Glam Shadow Sticks – After pushing my NYX concealers and brow cake up my ‘most loved’ cosmetics list I am keen to try out more of what they have to offer. Wicked Onyx and Rose Gold would be great for a smokey eye look.


Stiletto Nails House of Holland Royal Explosion – Since this new stiletto nail craze, I have been lusting after some claws of my own, but in the job I have, and personally not being a fan of acrylic nails, (Although I do them), these stick on ones from House of Holland are perfect.


What is on your Beauty wishlist this month?

Lots of love,


2013 – My Rebuilding Year Continued….


Hey There,

At the end of last year I decided to blog about my ‘post uni’ blues. Being the time of making new year resolutions, and rounding up the end of 2013, I thought it was appropriate to talk about it at that point in time, (You can read it here).

I really found myself feeling lost as I left university and entered the real world of work. No way did it prepare me, I think it actually set me back a few stages. I mean 12 hours of lectures, compared to your standard 9-3, Monday to Friday school hours, being with friends 24/7, spontaneous nights out… And then suddenly in a 9-5 job, barely making enough money to pay rent, let alone have a social life. So of course that was when the decision was made to move home, (Plus a few other influencing factors).

I moved home just under a year ago now, and yes, it has been a struggle living back with the Mother, (For both of us), but I am fortunate enough that she supports me and lets me do this, as I create new goals, and get my focus back on track. At the end of last year I found myself in a much better place, wanting to focus on the positives in my life. I got a bit comfortable in a temp job which was only meant to be a stop gap, before recently making the huge decision to jump back in to a beauty role. Which I am already seeing as one of the best decisions I have made.

I think not knowing what career I wanted played a huge impact on how lost I felt. This may sound stupid, and you may be reading this thinking there’s worse things or situations in life, and I know it could be worse, but I just generally felt crap, and think a lot of people may relate to this. I put a lot of pressure on myself to succeed and do well. My expectations were always unrealistic. I wanted that position, that pay and that role of someone who had probably worked hard for ten + years to get there. I was in competition with others, when really I should of focused on myself and not compared myself to others. My frame of mind needed to change.

My social life was affected, I barely went out, I either couldn’t afford it or when I could I was feeling too sorry for myself to. I’ve basically had to change my frame of mind, think more positively, surround myself with friends and family, and in general man up! And I am a hundred times happier now, than I was 18 months ago.

I have found writing things down help, so setting myself goals, whether it be general, life, or career related, and then ideas of how to get there. I find that way I take more control over my thoughts, and once I have written them down, I don’t need to play that thought in my head on repeat any more. As if I do one thing, it is over think, and over analyse ‘everything’.

I had a couple people say to me that they really related to my ‘rebuilding’ post, so I wanted to follow it up with this one. I also wanted to see how well I had kept up with my NY resolutions. I completely forgot I even had said give up chocolate, as that one I probably failed on the 1st of January, my shopping bans haven’t lasted very long at all, but at least I have stuck to my word about beautybykaris, and have most definitely put my foot in the right direction of my dream job.

What changes have you made this year? How has 2014 been for you so far?

Lots of love,

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Emerald Eyes


Hey There,

After last weeks Make up look using Makeuprevolution’s, Magnificent Copper foils, I have been excited to get this look up for you, which is all about the Emerald Eyes.

This colour has absolutely won me over, I mean how gorgeous is it? It is so pigmented and just stunning, (Very mermaid-esque). Now I would definitely not of been someone to wear this sort of colour, or at least I didn’t think I would be, but as soon as I set eyes on it online, I just clicked, and purchased without a second thought. Dare I say it, I actually prefer this colour to the Copper. I will admit though, that I will get a lot more use out of the Copper, than the Emerald, just because this colour is so bright and something I probably wouldn’t wear daily. I think it would be amazing for festivals, especially for some awesome face paint with a splash of glitter, what do you reckon?

I decided to line the under eye with the Emerald Goddess, rather than coat the eye lid. I thought it looked a little bit different, but still subtle enough to wear this look easily. I think it would be fun to play around with this colour with others across the eyelid, a silver shimmer comes to mind. I finished the look of with a black liquid liner on the upper eyelid, and thought what better lipstick to use than my Daniel Sandler Lipstick in GiGi, the perfect pink contrast against that beautiful green.

These foils seemed to mix and set better than the Copper, but again it didn’t really look like a foil print and more of a shimmer, fortunately the colour is so nice, that I’m just not that bothered.

SAM_1757 SAM_1754 SAM_1753 SAM_1750 SAM_1752SAM_1755

This look is definitely a little bit more adventurous for me than I am use to, so I would love your thoughts on it?

Lots of Love,