Lifestyle Tips & Your Skin

Lifestyle tips & your skin

Hey There,

I am so content with life right now. I’ve just had the best weekend ever! A lovely hotel, spa treatment and date night with the boyfriend on Friday for our 5 year anniversary, then a shopping trip, several meals out, and even more cocktails with two of my best friends on Saturday. It’s just been absolute bliss. And now I’m under my duvet, tea in hand, typing up today’s blog post. The perfect way to end my Sunday…

As you can imagine, a weekend like I have just had, (Too much food and booze) isn’t going to do wonders for my skin, (Or my waist line), I’ll be lucky if I don’t wake up with a spot on my forehead and can fit in to my uniform in the morning. Maybe I need to practice what I preach a little more. Now I’m not saying I am an expert, (But it is kinda my profession), I just wanted to share with you all these little tricks and tips I’ve learned over my past 6 years as a therapist. Both from my conversations with clients, and my own experience, (Along with a little common sense too).

I think we all know that most lifestyle tips start with ‘eat a healthy balanced diet, and drink plenty of water’… but actually there are some really simple changes you could make in your life which could help your skin. And it could be things you may not even realise have an affect.

As a Therapist, it is pretty obvious I am going to rant on about skincare. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a good skincare routine, it really does make such a difference, and I swear if you haven’t had luck in the past, you weren’t using the right products. So put down those face wipes and step away from the simple moisturiser.

Oily Skin

1. Keep your skin hydrated and do moisturise. Unfortunately a lot of people with oily skin, avoid moisturisers at the risk it could make their skin worse, when actually it will do the opposite by giving the skin what it craves and nourishing it.

2. Use a facial oil, (I can hear the gasps now) but I assure you it is one of the best things someone with oily skin can use. Using a good facial oil in the evenings, helps trick the sebaceous glands in to thinking they have produced enough oil, and as a result balance out and level that oil production.

3. Use natural, plant based products, (No alcohol based, sting inducing, toners wanted thank you). When it comes to skincare, you don’t want anything that will over stimulate your skin.

4. Exfoliate your skin 2-3 times per week. Avoid using a scrub and go for something more gentle like an exfoliating enzyme mask.

5. Always cleanse your skin in the evening, I mean really cleanse. A double, or triple cleanse if it means all that make up and dirt is off.

6. Choose your cosmetics wisely. Use primers, and make up that wont clog the pores, and invest in some powder or blot paper to help with the shine control.

7. Excess oil production could be related to stress and hormonal changes so try and take time out to relax. Put that phone down, turn that laptop off an hour before bed, just switch off. Meditate or take up yoga. Read a book or have a bath. Anything that gives you some ‘me time’.

8. Switch to decaffeinated drinks such as herbal teas.

9. Clean your pillows regularly. (Just think if all that dribble, sweat and dirt that gathers, and how long your face it on it… What a lovely thought?).

Dry Skin

1. I’m stating the obvious but drinking water really does help.

2. Hydrating masks and serums are your skins best friends. These will give your skin that extra boost and help your daily moisturisers work better.

3. Exfoliate 2-3 times per week, using a scrub to get rid of dead skin cells and enable your moisturisers to get in to the skin.

4. Take time out for yourself. Relax. (See tip 7 above).

5. Avoid sunbeds, and too much sun exposure as this will dry your skin out, (And potentially give you that leathery look skin as you get older).

6. Use a humidifier as you sleep, or a bowl of water on your radiator to help put moisture back in the air.

7. Keep the temperature of your shower at a cool, (No hot blasts and red skin).

8. Eat more oily fish and good fats, such as Salmon.

Anti-ageing/Ageing Skin

1, A good skincare routine is essential, following on similarly to the Dry skincare tips. The added extras on top of a good 3 step routine will be what makes the difference and holds that ageing back

2. Cover up, and protect your skin. An SPF is your holy grail product. Nothing ages your skin as much a sun damage.

3. Don’t smoke.

4. Keep a young mindset. All mind over matter and all that.

5. Having a good love life, will apparently keep you young.

6. Exercise to keep those muscles toned, from body to face. (And I’m serious about the facial exercises).

7. Get enough sleep.


These are just a few lifestyle and skincare tips, I can think of, I would love to know your thoughts, any advice you have or any tips you have had passed on. I know I learned a lot from my mum.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the read, and had a lovely weekend.

Happy Sunday all…

Lots of Love,


NEW Kiehls | Daily Reviving Concentrate

Kiehls Daily reviving concentrate

Hey there,

I’ll just start by saying if you love Kiehls midnight recovery, you will love their new daily reviving concentrate…need I say more?

I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the new Daily Reviving Concentrate at the Kiehls Regent Street Launch event last month. We all know I love my lotions and potions. I will chuck almost anything on my face, (OK, maybe not anything but I’ve got this whole layering products to a T), so adding this in to my current routine was just more fun and exciting for me.

Time to battle the fatigue.

If you are looking for a new addition to your AM routine, and to waken your skin, then I suggest you give this beaut a go. The daily reviving concentrate smells incredible. I actually look forward to applying it for the smell alone, it is really fresh and awakening. It contains ginger root, sunflower and tamanu oils, all aimed at fighting the fatigue in your skin, while giving you that AM hit. I would have never have said, fatigue was a concern of mine. I mean I know I don’t look the same when I leave the house to when I return, to be honest I usually look like crap, with my make up half off, and those tell tale dark circles. But I am only 24, so my skin still err kind of bounces back… kind of.

I would suggest this for all skin types and ages, as although fatigue and stress tends to show more in the skin as we age, (Oh don’t you just love the ageing process), this little daily revivor will help reenergise young skin, and help disguise those busy lifestyles. The formula is lightweight, not as heavy as an oil, but a slightly different consistency to a serum. Overall, it’s easy to drop in to your current skincare, smells beautiful, and puts radiance back into the skin. What more do us girls want?

Are you a fan of the Midnight Recovery? Will you be grabbing yourself a Daily Reviving Concentrate?

Launches September 2015! Keep an eye out for it.

Hope you all have had a lovely day?

Lots of love,


Glo&Ray | Lipsticks & Eyeliners


Glo&Ray Mke up Glo&Ray 2 Glo&Ray 3 Glo&Ray 4

Hey there,

I came home last night for my sisters fiancé 30th, and needless to say I am feeling a little worse for wear today, so bare with me. Today I am in chill mode, but excited to watch Magic Mike later with the girls, so I need to sort my hungover mess out. I hope you are all feeling slightly more awake than me. But for now, let’s stick the kettle on and catch up…

I don’t think I need to ramble on about Glo&Ray to you, I’ve done that several times already, declaring my love for their Make Up, in almost every post. You may remember that I attended their Blogger launch event, that’s right their first ever blogger party, (Yup I feel very important). Well I’m not sure if I told you about just how amazing my goody bag was? (And err this post is well overdue) Well it was! Inside were these 3 beautiful lipsticks, Marigold, Asteria and Honey.

I mean you couldn’t get 3 more different shades in one set, a red, a purple, and a nude pink. But that’s to fit our attitude right? Marigold is for when I feel glamorous, Asteria is for when I feel daring and bold, while Honey is an everyday go to.

As always the lipsticks are beautifully pigmented, with great staying power. Asteria has a gorgeous tone to it, but it doesn’t give as much hold on the lips as the others, and has a slight shimmer to it. And because of it’s glossier finish I think  it is my least favourite out of the trio. The orange tone in Marigold makes it my best one. What do you think?

Glo&Ray Marigoled Glo&Ray Asteria Glo&Ray Honey

Having tried and loved Glo&Ray Skybreaker Eyeliner’s I was happy to see a liner in the goody bag, this time forest green. Coloured eyeliner is something I love but just don’t quite have the adventurous nature to wear all the time. What is beautiful about this forest green is how well it compliments my hazel eyes and the brown and bronze tones I am so in love with.

Glo&Ray Forest Green.jpg 1

Have you tried Glo&Ray makeup ? How would you wear these colours?

Anywaym I better get back to some self pitty and bacon sandwiches. Have a lovely Sunday all.

Lots of love,

Current Haircare Routine

Lee Stafford Hair Argan Oil RangeLee Stafford Hair Argan Oil range reviewLee Stafford Hair Miracle OilLee Stafford Hair shampooLee Stafford Hair Conditioner

Hey there,

So I finally made it to Wales, I’ve just stopped off for a day to see the boyfriend and do his mums nails post holiday, to take advantage of the peace and quiet in the village before heading back to the London life tomorrow.

If you know me, you will know how precious my hair is to me. I am that annoying girl that every hairdresser hates, that asks for only half an inch off and holds a face full of fear throughout the whole cutting experience, (Who said going to the salon was relaxing?). Lets just say there are not many people I would trust with my hair, (I do sound a little hair crazy don’t I?).

As you can imagine I’m also rather particular about what products I use, almost as fussy as the stuff I put on my face. Having learnt the hard way, that buying £1 shampoos can cost you 4 inches off your hair.

Firstly, I hardly ever blowdry or straighten my hair, unless absolutely necessary, (As in I’ve just woke up with crazy hair). I only tong my hair every now and then, and even the next day I can notice a difference in the condition, (No heat damage for me thank you).

Secondly, I am obsessed with using oil in my hair. It really nourishes my hair, and keeps it looking shiny.

Thirdly, I don’t leave the house without my tangle teezer. No more battles with the paddle brush.

At the moment I am using Lee Stafford* Argan Oil range , the nourishing shampoo, conditioner and the miracle oil. All of which have kept my hair looking healthy, and increased its shine. I love the fact I don’t have to wash my hair daily with these products either which I sometimes find when the product is so nourishing. I’ve only been using the oil once or twice a week, on wet hair, it is a lot more lightwieght that other oils I am used to, so I would use it as maintenance but for a more intense treatment I would probably opt for something else.

How do you care for your hair? Would love you to share your tips and comment below.

Lots of love,


The Truth About Skin

Skin types

Hey There,

Having spent the last couple of months in a slight daze, having got a new job and packed up my little life in Winchester to move to the big city. I am quite happy to have spent the last two days, getting back in to the blogging routine, watching back to back OITNB, and the fact I haven’t moved off the sofa all day or felt the need to get dressed and put my face on, (Hands up for chilled Sundays).

As a result of the new job, I’ve found myself rekindle my love for skincare, (Not that I ever fell out of it), and today’s post is aiming to stamp out a few confusing details, I come across almost on a daily basis as a Skin Therapist. And that is, the difference between a skin type and a skin condition.

A skin type is something you are born with, it is decided through your genetics, and is something you can’t change but can control. As a Skin Therapist, I like to treat the skin type with the skincare basics, the cleansers and the toners. While the skin condition is determined by other influences such as lifestyle and the environment, and this can be corrected. For this, I like to use the added extras, as in serums, oils and masks. As our skin changes it can be very confusing.

For example, my skin type is combination, and at the moment it is more dry than oily, but is still very congested. And I have months where my skin is over oily, and all I do is break out. My current skin condition is dehydrated, and thats a result of moving to London, leading a busy lifestyle, in a more polluted area and not drinking enough water, (And probably too much tea).

To break it down, we have 4 skin types; dry, oily, combination, and normal, (And, I do envy those flawless complexions). While we can categorize our skin conditions into around 4 as well, dehydrated, sensitive, ageing, and acne prone. And these conditions can be corrected.

Most dehydrated skin can be caused by lifestyle, lack of water, too much caffeine, aircon and central heating. Sensitive skin is likely caused by hormonal changes, allergies, medication or the wrong products. It is hard to tell someone who thinks they have sensitive skin that it can be corrected, and I used to be one of those people. Until I linked the ‘bad’ products to an allergy. None of us can avoid natural ageing (Although we can slow it down), but premature ageing is a consequence of lifestyle, stress, too much sun exposure, smoking, and diet. And acne can be caused by internal and external factors, so hormonal imbalances, diet, and sabacious activity.

And this is why, your skin tends to lack radiance after a night out, or a hectic weekend. Your skin can feel like its changing and it all links together.

So what is your skin type?

Hope you have had a lovely weekend, and no Monday blues for tomorrow.

Lots of love,


Disclaimer: This post has been put together from my own knowledge of the industry and my experience working as a Beauty/Skin Therapist for 6 years.

Electric Dreams | Make Up Revolution

make up revolution

make up revolution baked electrics

Hey there,

Finally, after letting such beautiful colours gather dust, I finally stepped out of my comfort zone… And I absolutely loved it!

Take me back a few years, (Actually over 10 years now, damn I feel old) you would have struggled to get my pink two tone shadows, Barry M Glitter Dust, and turquoise eye pencils off me. Quite the adventurous type I was. But it seems I am one extreme to the other, (Obviously), and now shy away from most palettes that aren’t erm, well black, brown or grey, (How boring of me).

Having recently moved to London, I found myself rediscovering a few treasures in my make up collection, (The Electric Dreams being one of them) and having come home from work one night, I just randomly decided to play ‘make up’, (As why the hell not?). I’ve tried a couple things now from Make Up Revolution, and have been rather impressed by its quality and affordability. Its a brand which is definitely raved about in the Beauty Blogging world, and I am starting to see exactly why.

The Electric Dreams 5 Baked Eye Shadow retails at only £2.50, (Thats crazyyyy)! The violet tones are stunning, pigmented, and blend over the eye just effortlessly. I’m not saying this will become my every day ‘go to’ look, but I will for sure be packing it into any festivals and summer trips.

What do you think? Do you go big and bold, or stay in the neutral territory like me?

Lots of love,


Lush Giveaway | Sex Bomb & Love Soap

Lush Cosmetics #Gayisok
Hey There,

A few weeks ago I hit 2000 followers on Twitter. Like actual crazy. I have had my little corner of the internet for a while now, and I just love it. Getting the support I do from my readers, and followers means so much. And even on the days when things get too much, a blog comment, or tweet can instantly change that for me. So as a little thank you, for actually, err, being interested in what I have to say, here is a lovely little Lush giveaway. I’ve included one of my favourite bath bombs the ‘Sex Bomb’, and the new #Gayisok Love Soap. I had been on the hunt for it for a while, and when I got my hands on it, I had to buy two. And one of course if for one of you beautiful lot.

Rules are as normal. Entries made through the Rafflecopter, and must be aged 16+. This giveaway will only run for a week, as I have already brought the Lush items.

Good luck, and thanks for entering.

Much Love,

a Rafflecopter giveaway

All White Outfit & A Silver Arrow

Outfit Miss Selfridge Khaki Blazer 1Outfit summer ss15Outfit river islandOutfit River Island White Shirt Dress 1Outfit all whiteJewelery Box Outfit

Shirt Dress | River Island

Sleeveless Blazer | Miss Selfridges

Necklace | Jewellery Box

Hey There,

It’s not often I do an outfit of the day, as one, I’m an awkward poser, and two, its quite hard to do full body shots of yourself, by yourself. So this weekend I took full advantage of the boyfriend visiting, the good weather and of course I wanted to show off my new summer purchases.

Having ‘umm’d and ‘arr’d over this particular white shirt dress, I am now slightly obsessed with it. It may actually be my only appropriate ‘heatwave’ attire, but it also covers a multiple of sins, (As in, too much pizza and ice cream), while being effortlessly classy, with that dressed up, dressed down vibe. (What more can one want from one dress?).

I finally managed to get myself a sleeveless blazer, (Ok, so I am a little late to the trend) but when it comes to items like this, I am particularly fussy. And sometimes being fussy pays off.  It may have been a little too hot, to wear a jacket but I just love it. Khaki has to be my next best one after black.

To finish my look off, I’m wearing a gorgeous *Silver Arrow necklace from Jewellery Box, it has to be the cutest and most delicate piece of jewellery I now own, and I have had so many compliments on it so far. What do you think?

Lots of love,


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Barry M Contour Kit | Chisel Cheeks

Barry M Contour KitBarry M Contour kit guideBarry M Contour Kit Swatches

(Left to right, bottom to top)

Hey There,

SO its pretty obvious who the contour queen is, and its quite impressive that the whole contouring trend is still very much a talking point and a make up must! OK, so we aren’t seeing it quite to the extreme as it was plastered all over our social media last year, but its still an art and trick that everyone wants to know, I mean who doesn’t want Kim K’s sculpted cheeks? And the beauty industry are very aware of this, with so many brands jumping on the contour wagon.

Today I am reviewing the Barry M Contour Kit, which I was very eager to get my hands on. One because its affordable, and two because its matte powder. I do love my contour creams, (Concealers and foundations) and I’ll never put down my shimmer highlighters, but you know me, I love my matte bronzers, and I was intrigued to see if I could be converted and how the matte highlighting powder would match up to my MAC Soft and Gentle, (Maybe I am setting the standard a little too high?).

The kit comes with 3 shades, a light powder, a medium brown and a dark brown powder. At first site, the kit is quite impressive, I like the fact it has the three shades that you can blend to your skin tone. And I would use more of the darker shade for my more glammed up contour attempt, (As in I’m heading out out). According to the Barry M Contour guidelines, you should apply the light powder, over cheek bones, chin, down the length of your nose and up the centre of the forehead. The medium brown is to bronze the skin, sweeping across cheeks, forehead and nose, (Where the sun naturally hits), and finally the dark brown powder is to sculpt in the hollow of your cheeks, hair line and nose…. But they’ve added this and diagrams to the kit, so you are pretty well set.

This is perfect for those on the run touch ups, or weekends away, but unfortunately it doesn’t offer me anything I can’t do with my current bronzer. I do like the fact I have the two brown tones, but the light powder doesn’t do anything for me, (Literally nothing) it comes across to me as more of a setting powder than a highlighter, and to actually get any out I have to actually scratch the powder. This isn’t something I would use daily, or repurchase. But at £6.49 it hardly breaks the bank.

How do you contour? Have you tried the Barry M Contour Kit?

Lots of Love,

Kiehls UK Launches Their New Daily Reviving Concentrate

Kiehls Kiehls Daily Reviving Concentrate bottles Kiehls menKiehls daily reviving concentrate launch event

Hey There,

Today I was invited a long to the unveiling of Kiehls UK latest natural innovation, the Daily Reviving Concentrate. And oh am I excited to be one of the first people to try it! If you are a fan of their Midnight Recovery, then get yourself ready for this one.


Kiehls have brought out a daytime defense concentrate, to help fight against our daily skin stresses. I’m not sure about you, but I for one, think I look like two completely different people come morning and night. My skin shows exactly what I am feeling, fresh in the AM, knackered in the PM.

Kiehls have formulated a new concentrate which they claim will boost our daytime defence, awaken, revitalize and energize our skin, (Ticks all the boxes, right?). So as I start mine tomorrow, I’m hoping to look super fresh all day long, (OK, maybe I will give it a few more days). The new Daily Reviving Concentrate is made up of 3 key ingredients, Ginger Root for its anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties  (Great for those city workers). Sunflower Seed Oil to help hydrate and smooth the skin, and finally Tamanu Oil to lock moisture in.

What I loved about today’s event, (Apart from being greeted with food, drinks and of course having the exclusive invite), was being able to meet the people at Kiehls behind the products. Which included Dr Adam Geyer, who discussed the science behind the product and our skin. Not only was it interesting, but it gave me a whole different insight in to the way the concentrate could benefit the skin. We even got a Kiehls pouch to create our own day and night scents with real ingredients. Obviously I went OTT with the Lavender and Rose, (but I bet I have a great night sleep tonight).

Kiehls Daily Reviving Concentrate Keihls Daily Reviving Concentrate Kiehls Daily Reviving Concentrate ingredients Kiehls Event

If you are a fan of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate you will definitely want to get your hands on this.

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P.S This launches in September #Dailyrevivor but you can join their exclusive waiting list here.

Lots of Love,