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Hey There,

I was tagged by the lovely Jenny from Dreaminpink, (Go check out her blog, its great) and I’m rather happy she tagged me, as I do love the Autumn, its probably my favourite time of year…Although I get excited at the start of every season, to me it means new clothes and new make up, (Easily pleased).

1. What is your favourite seasonal drink from a coffee shop?

Well it is definitely NOT coffee, I hate the stuff. I am a self confessed tea addict though, I’m not myself until I have had a cuppa in the morning, but of course there is only one answer for this, and that is HOT CHOCOLATE, topped with whipped cream and marshmallows, (Maybe even a cookie to dunk), if it wasn’t for the high calorie and sugar content, I’d probably drink it every night.

2. What accessories do you tend to opt for?

A scarf is a must have accessory for me in the Autumn, I am really into wraps this Autumn, and can see them becoming a bit of a thing for me.

3. What is your favourite music to listen to?

My music choices vary so much, I literally like almost anything, but I suppose the summer anthems do get put away at this time of year. I wouldn’t say I listen to anything in particular in the Autumn.

4. What is your favourite scent at this time of year?

At the moment I am wearing Daisy Dream still, but I like a stronger scent in the Autumn, so I would have to say YSL Elle, or Gucci Rush.

5. What scents will you be burning at this time of year?

Ah I really don’t know, I would probably just pick up the candles which are coloured to suit autumn and see which smelt the nicest. I do love a candle, but I’m not that into them that I know all the scents I like.

6. What do you love best about Autumn?

I would have to say being able to wrap up all cosy and warm, update the wardrobe and make up, and have more regular hot chocolates. Not forgetting how pretty everywhere looks, I love the orange, red colours of the leaves, and the change in scenery.

7. What is your favourite Autumn make up look?

Considering I never used to change my make up look, I’m now very excited about, swapping my pale pinks for red and berry lipsticks and my nude eyes for more golden, and metallics looks.

8. What are you looking forward to most this Autumn?

I would say Halloween, but I’m not sure what I am doing yet. Its my brothers and sisters birthday at the end of the month, so that is always a good family get together. I’m excited about all the blogger meet ups that have been planned including a cheeky spa day, which will hopefully include lots of hot chocolate.

I would love to know what you all love about Autumn?

And I now tag….

Alice from Anniewritesbeauty

Amy from Amzyinwonderland

Ami from Perksofbeingami

Lots of love,


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A Perfect World – Skincare

SAM_1820Hey There,

Now I don’t quite think I express my love for Origins skincare quite enough, (Yes, I’m being sarcastic). Their products seem to love my skin, and my skin seems to love their products, a pretty good matchmaker, don’t you think?

Over the past few weeks I have introduced *Origins ‘Perfect World‘  cleanser and serum in to my skincare routine, a range aimed at protecting the skin from harmful environmental factors, (Like pollution), Origins defenders against skin damage, and of course ageing.

This range is absolutely ideal for someone like me, verging on a quarter century old and worried about the damage I am doing to my skin. The perfect world skincare range are best known for their age fighting protection, so I would suggest these to those mid twenties-mid thirties wrinkle worriers. Once again the ingredients are very natural and gentle to the skin, something I always look for in my skincare, (No harsh chemicals here thank you very much), the white tea really detoxifies the skin, while the pearlised, (If that is even a word) creamy *cleanser leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and protected. One which I would actually recommend for all skin types, especially combination and sensitive.SAM_1818

 The *serum is filled with some absolutely gorgeous ingredients, and also has that lovely pearlised appearance to it. I just wish the sample size was bigger, as I could imagine myself getting quite fond of this one. With white tea, mimosa, orange and bergamot you can already guess what I think of the smell, so earthy, natural and just so indulgent. The serum is a beautiful consistency, and feels luxurious on application, warming and melting to the skin. I’ve always emphasized how much I love rich creams, and products. For me the richer the better. I love serums, oils, lotions and potions. I can’t put enough on my face. But for those who prefer a more lightweight feeling, you may not want to use this under a moisturiser, and just alone.

With the cleanser only retailing at £20.00, and the serum at £35.00, I would happily buy both again. Even though the serum sample is quite small, it has lasted me a good couple of weeks, so I am definitely adding this one to Santas list, that’s if I don’t have any spare pennies this month.

Have you tried any Origins products? Would you wear a face serum?

Don’t forget to enter my Origins face mask giveaway

Lots of love,


Re:So Southampton


Hey There,

Last Tuesday I attended the relaunch party of the Re:So student run shop in Southampton. Being fashion focused, and with some potential new clothing talent on show, I was keen to check it out.

The Re:So store has been moved and developed from its original launch in 2012, to show off the works of the fashion students, from their clothing, photography, furniture, publications and accessories. It also enables the students to learn more about how to set up and run their own fashion line/business, and although their are similar projects elsewhere, Southampton Solent Re:So is the first ‘student enterprise’ within a shopping centre in the UK.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first got the invitation, (And after getting into a fluster trying to get into the Marlands) I was totally impressed by it all. On arrival we were met with VIP blogger goody bags, macaroons (My first ever) and wine. The store had a very artistic feel about it, not only from the unique pieces but the layout, design, and decor.

IMAG0062 IMAG0082

The first set of clothing that caught my attention was the ‘tainted’ clothing, it was a collection I could see myself wearing, the black midi worn by one of the Re:So staff was my favourite item, and the cropped Tees. Some gorgeous vintage items were on sale, with a mermaidesque sequin top catching my eye the most. I think the most popular item amongst us bloggers were the clutch bags and the fashion books.

IMAG0069 IMAG0068 IMAG0065 IMAG0066 IMAG0073 IMAG0075 IMAG0067 IMAG0071 IMAG0070 IMAG0080

I will definitely be going back to the store on my next visit to Southampton, who knows, you might purchase an item a Solent student has made, who goes on to be running the catwalks and the fashion designers of the future.

Lots of love,


Halloween Nails – Manicure Monday #25


Hey There,

With Halloween around the corner, and as a follow up from my Halloween make up post I thought it was only appropriate to do some Halloween nails for a special ‘manicure monday’ post, (Have I said the word Halloween enough times yet?).

We have been getting some nail art ready in work, which got me in the mood for doing some at home and obviously sharing some with you lovely lot. I think if you are going to go all out with the special effect make up, and costumes, you might as well finish the look of with some ‘spooky’ nails, don’t you think?

Each look was designed using a selection of Orly colours, some nail pens, and a steady hand. I can’t pick a complete favourite, but I do like the spiders web, and the nail ‘dripping’ with blood, what are your thoughts? Will you be getting some ‘horror’ nail art ready for trickle treating?

What are you doing this Halloween?

Lots of love,


1000 Twitter Followers – Giveaway

Hey There,

I can’t believe I’m now at 1000 twitter followers, and that there are 1000 people that don’t mind listening to me tweeting random things, listening to my everyday ramblings and supporting my blog. I would like to say a massive THANK YOU, and in order to do that I thought I’d give my followers a chance to WIN, a skincare mask of their choice from Origins.

Most of you will know how much I love my skincare from Origins, and personally I would recommend the Drink Up Intensive Mask, or the Clear Improvement one, but you know your skin better than  I do.

To enter this giveaway you must do ALL of the below:

1- Follow me on Twitter Beautybykaris

2 – RT my giveaway Tweet on Twitter

3 – Follow me on Bloglovin

The giveaway will FINISH at midnight on the 6th November, the winner will be picked at random, and must be over the age of 16. This giveaway is open internationally, and the choice of mask can not cost more than £23.00.

Good luck, and thank you again.

Lots of love,


Halloween Make Up – More Twilight than Dracula


Hey There,

The one thing I do love about this make up look, is that you don’t have to be too neat and tidy. Like most Halloween looks, your not meant to look pristine.

I did actually buy a wig and some fangs, but the massive fail on my behalf, is that one my head is too big for the wig, and two, I think I brought kids fangs….(Maybe the wig was a child’s one to, or they were just crap). So you’ll have to imagine this look with a black wig, maybe some contacts and some fangs. But otherwise, I think the looks quite good, maybe more Twilight, than Dracula.


My tools for creating this look – Face paint crayons, a pale concealer/foundation, black eye shadow and my gorgeous Rubywoo lipstick…The face crayons weren’t too bad for the price, the black was the best one, but the Rubywoo had to come out, as the red crayon just didn’t quite cut it.


To achieve this look, I coated my face in pale concealer, and contoured using the black crayon, (This was an unusual experience, as normally its Tan and bronzer). I just went to town on the eyes with the black eyeshadow, I thought for this look, theres never too much, adding some red crayon to finish the look. I was in two minds which colour to go for on the lips, so I just used both and I think its quite effective actually.

What do you think of my Vampire look? What are you going out as this Halloween?

Lots of love,

Manicure Monday #24


Hey there,

Its been ages since I’ve been able to do a Manicure Monday post, and oh how I have missed them. Since getting back in to the Beauty salon world, I have barely had my nails in polish at all, as you can imagine it barely lasts a day, one treatment and its practically removed itself, (And you know what I think about chipped nails).

Having bare nails last week, I was keen to get a bit of colour on them ready for the weekend. I thought I’d do my ring finger with a couple daisies, and then the next minute I had gone all out, and done all ten.

The base colour on my nails is Rubble by CND Vinylux a 7 day wear nail polish. It is extremely fast drying, even on application you can see it drying, but it won’t smudge after 10 minutes like most others. I love this colour as it is so neutral but also perfect for Autumn.

For the polka dot daisies, I used a Dotting Tool, and with a VERY steady hand, I placed each dot on to the nail to form the daisy.

What do you think of my nail art? Are you a fan of the polka dot daisies?

Lots of love,

Autumn Beauty Wishlist

beauty wishlist

Hey There,

With this cold weather, you would think I’d be after all the lotions and potions for my skin, but actually I’m after more make up and nail varnishes this month.

Recently I have slacked with my Manicure Monday posts, mainly because in my type of work, only a shellac polish will survive more than a day, but after seeing the launch of Alexa Hearts Nails Inc collection, my love for a nice polish is coming back. Especially this red heart beauty.

As well as Alexa’s range, I’ve also set my eyes on the Barry M Aquarium collection, they are gorgeous and so mermaidesque, my fave is persian and mermaid. I know they aren’t exactly Autumn colours, but who cares.

I don’t think what I am about to say will go down to well amongst the beauty blogging world… but I have never tried a NARS product, (Think I deserve a slap on the wrist). I hear so many good things about NARS, in particular the blushers, after having a little nosey online, I quite fancy this NARS Blusher, and it is probably about time I established a better blush collection.

When I trained as a beauty therapist, we were taught all about colour correction in our make up lessons, (Not that I can remember it all exactly), but personally I’ve never really come across it as a mainstream thing, more of a secret amongst make up artists, so I am intrigued to see how well the Max Factor colour corrector concealers work.

What nail polishes are you after this Autumn? Have you tried any colour correctors before? Are you a NARS fan?

Lots of love,

Autumn Fashion Wishlist

fashion wishlist

Hey There,

So here I was a few weeks ago, wishing it was autumn so I could get my knitwear and boots out, and now I’m sulking, in soggy shoes, singing for the rain to go away.

At least today I am in the comfort of my own home, heating on, wrapped up all cozy, with nothing to do but blog… So the weather won’t be getting the better of me today.

I do wonder sometimes, that if I had brought everything on my wishlists, where I would store it or how often I would use/wear it, they just seem to be never ending. I seem to want EVERYTHING.

Talking about cosy autumn knitwear, I am absolutely lusting over New Looks midi cardigans, wraps and tartan influences this season. I’ve never been a wrap/poncho kinda girl, but I’m really liking this trend. I am determined to get my hands on one.

Now my regular readers will know, I love a bit of faux fur, I have a leopard print coat, and a grey gillet, and I wasn’t particularly looking for another faux fur coat, until of course, my eyes set on this stunning pink River Island one. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely more of a RI fan in the AW.

I think you either love or hate Uggs. Spending the best part of my three years at uni in them, I turned slightly against them. But I just can’t find any other boot, which is as comfy, and which literally goes with everything. I don’t think I can go another year with out a pair in my life. Personally I like the Classic Short in Chestnut.

Are you a fan of the Ugg boot? What trends are you excited for this AW? Is faux fur your thing?

Lots of Love,


No Make up, Make up


Hey There,

It seems that faking the all natural look, has become the new ‘thing’ amongst beauty and fashion lovers, hitting the catwalks, and being the ‘go to’ look this summer season. With everyone after that perfect no make up, make up glow.

I think the look falls in perfectly, and effortlessly with our laidback summer vibes, as we all dare to bare a bit more with our slightly more bronzed skin, but will it be as popular this autumn/winter?

I do love a natural look, and am always envious of those who seem to achieve this so easily, and with such a gorgeous glow. But whenever I give it a try, there is just something I am not quite comfortable with. And I think it must be the lack of mascara. I love the natural look of my skin, and lips but I am such a fan of the false lash look that going completely bare on the eyes, is a little out of my comfort zone. Maybe a tinted lash treatment would sort this look out for me.

SAM_1800 SAM_1801 SAM_1810 SAM_1802

I do love a more natural face especially for day time, just as much as I love getting completely glammed up for the evening, and there is just something fun about faking the no make up look. I feel like this type of make up, is my staple Sunday face, the perfect make up choice for lazing around. I personally think this is more of a summer trend, but what do you think?


For my no make up, make up look I used…
Bare Minerals Ready Foundation
NYX Cosmetics Concealer Jar
Bobbi Brown Bronzer
Maybelline Babylips
Bourjois Nude Cream Blush
Elizabeth Arden Eyelash Curlers
Eco Tools Brush

What do you think of the no make up, make up look? Do you prefer natural or a full glam look? How do you create a natural glow?

Lots of love,