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Hope you all have had an amazing bank holiday weekend, I think I enjoyed myself a little too much, and am glad to be back to my normality of the blogging world. It is weekends like these, where I like to take a little more ‘me’ time, (You know get some proper TLC), spend hours in the bath, wear facial masks, and even indulge in a hair treatment or two. This time I have been using a luxury handmade organic hair treatment by *Old Wives Tail. A brand I had never heard of before until recently, but of course, you know me, if its natural, and organic, I want it.

I’ll start by giving you a little background story. *Old Wives Tail has been developed by Lily Prichard, and originates from her Portugese Grandmothers homemade hair rescue remedies. Growing up, her Grandmothers blend of oils, saved her locks many times and nothing in the UK market worked in quite the same way, and now she is sharing it with us all, (How lucky are we? And how sweet is this story?). Not only do are these hair treatments environmentally friendly, chemical free, natural and home-made but OWT even donate 10% of their profits to charities to help protect animals from getting tested on. All the OWT products are Sulfate, paraben and gluten free, and of course suitable for vegetarians and vegans, (As you can imagine, I was rather excited to get my hands on a hair mask).

Having very long hair myself, I am always concious of how damaged my hair is getting or could get, so for me, it’s always about prevention. I like to use hair products which hydrate, care for my hair and leave it feeling renourished. I have been using their *SOS Organic Anti-Hair Loss Mask, yes, I know, I hardly have hair loss to worry about at the moment, but the other benefits of it, are what counts. This mask is meant to help lock in moisture and help improve the texture of your locks. OWT sent a little ‘how to’ guide with the mask, and it arrived through my door in the cutest wrapping. You can use this twice a week, for one hour in your hair, or over night for an intense treatment. I bet you can guess which one I went for? Yes, your right, of course I’ve been using it over night. What I like about this treatment is that it is not only for the hair but the scalp to, I’m normally so careful with where I use the product, normally keeping it to the ends only, but with this one I could go a little bit crazy.

The ingredients alone, make me a fan, these being Shea butter, Olive oil, Avocado oil, Almond oil, Lavdender oil, Peppermint oil, and Clove oil. I absolutely adore my Lavender scents, and most Shea butter based products. The only thing I couldn’t love about this mask was the Peppermint smell. I may sound a little crazy, and maybe its because of my role as a Beauty Therapist, but Peppermint smelling products just remind me of feet, (All feet products seem to be mint).. Of course I got used to it, and its quite pleasant now, as the Lavender scent comes through to me more, but I don’t care as once my hair was washed in the morning, my hair was left feeling gorgeous, so soft, and hydrated, (Especially at the ends). I’m looking forward to getting a few more uses out of the tub, and really seeing the effect on my hair.

The formula is just divine, it looks like marshmallow type foam, and melts in to and oil like solution. The packaging is very simple, with just a OWT sticker on, but actually sometimes simple is best, it reflects the homemade element of the product and all I really care about is what is inside. They have quite a selection of hair masks and oils, ranging from SOS, coconut, growth and general luxury treatments, there’s even some gorgeous head pieces on their site. My favourite being the Buddha inspired head jewellery.

Have you heard of OWT? Which mask would you go for first?

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Lush Southampton Blogger Event


(Photo credit to Jessica Eades from chiqueuniquecritique)

Hey There,

Well when I heard my local Lush were holding a bloggers event, of course I had to get involved. After rediscovering a love and passion for Lush through their ‘King of Skin’ and ‘Therapy’ bar, I was extremely keen to learn more about the cosmetics, how they were made, and what else there was to try.

As well as all that, I was also excited to catch up with some of the lovely bloggers I have met at previous events, as well as socialise with some new faces, (It’s all part of the fun). So on Friday, a bunch of bloggers from the Southampton area, ranging from beauty, fashion, illustration, to adoption, were all united through the love of Lush. When we first got there we were greeted by the shop manager Rosie as well as some very passionate Lush staff members, they provided us with drinks and gluten free cakes by ‘Rice Up Wholefoods’, strawberries and popcorn – they do know how to treat us, (Yes I did head straight for the cakes, two to be exact) the carrot cakes were just incredible, (And to good to only have one).

After taking lots of pictures, poking and prodding many of the products, we were all asked to take part in a little ice breaker activity, where we had to massage another bloggers arm, while telling each other about our blogs, and what our favourite lush products were.  I got the lovely Ami from perksofbeingami, apart from lots of giggling, (Mainly from me), I think we did quite well introducing each other, and it certainly broke the ice.

We were then split into two teams, I was part of the first team that watched the making of two popular Lush face masks, Catastrophic Cosmetic and Cupcake. It was amazing to see how fresh these masks were and to see them being made in front of us. It looked just liked cake mix, (Especially the cupcake one), and  as its edible, I had to try it, but trust me, they are better for the face. We then moved on to the emotional brilliance wheel, (Which even has its own app) where you choose colours, depending on your mood at that moment, and it selects make up specifically for your emotions. I’m not sure where the sophisticated one came from though.

Overall it was such a fun evening, I picked myself up another two ‘King of Skin’ bars, and got an amazing goodie bag to take home with me, it even contained a little secret wrapped up goodie, for me to run a giveaway with for my lovely followers. So keep an eye out over the next week for a giveaway, and some Lush reviews over the next month.

SAM_1635 SAM_1634 SAM_1633 SAM_1630 SAM_1622

(Photo credit to Amy from amzyinwonderland)

SAM_1656 SAM_1657 SAM_1659 SAM_1664

Which is your favourite Lush product? Have you had a go on the emotional brilliance wheel?

Lots of love,


Make Up Revolution – 1st Impressions

Hey There,

Following the hype around Make Up Revolution in the beauty blogging world, and after seeing some of their goods in Cardiff, I knew I had to get my hands on some. You may remember back in July I was after the Metal Foil finish eye shadow from Stila, being about £33.00 you can imagine my excitement when I came across these £4.00 versions from Make Up Revolution. And being me, I had to buy more than one thing. I obviously had to go for the Magnificent Copper, such a stunning colour and one I knew I would wear a lot, (One I will be applying after I hit the upload button on this post), I also went for the Emerald Goddess. Green isn’t something I wear a lot of, but it is one of those colours I just adore, (Sounds stupid right?), I just don’t think I particularly suit it, but the Emerald shade looked so gorgeous I had to add it to the basket, and only being £4.00 I didn’t really have to think about it. Finally I also brought a set of their baked eyeshadows, called Electric Dreams, (Only £2.50, say what?). Originally thinking it was a set of blue eye shadow, (Which would be great for festivals) it actually turned out to be purple tones, (My colour judgement is not always great), again something I wouldn’t wear every day, but I’m excited to try some new looks out with it, and you never know my usually quite neutral looks may get a revamp and be replaced with more shocking colours – Watch this space.

Both the ‘baked eye shadow’ and the ‘awesome metals’, have made a great first impression, I haven’t had a chance to play around with a lot of it yet, (Post to follow next week), but just from swatching the colours they look pretty damn good, (Especially for such a bargain buy), really pigmented and just beautiful shades. Lets just hope they look as good on the eyes, and wear all day, (My fingers and toes are crossed).

SAM_1579 SAM_1580 SAM_1584 SAM_1585

Which colour would you wear? Have you tried anything from Make Up Revolution yet?

Have a lovely day.

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Summer Vibes #OOTN

Hey there,

It’s been a while since I have done an outfit post, don’t worry I have still been spending money, and doing a few spontaneous clothes hauls, I just haven’t really bothered! You know more trackies and scrunchies, less tailoring and brushing – I feel like I’m slacking in my appearance at the moment, (Shame on me). With my birthday last week, I had to step up my game and make an effort for the family meal, so I put together a gorgeous floral print, teamed with my fave new wedges, finished of with a Cami top and statement necklace, (We are talking complete summer vibes).

   SAM_1613 SAM_1606 SAM_1620 SAM_1616 SAM_1615 SAM_1608

Trousers/Leggings – Very

Cami Top – Asos

Wedges – New Look

Necklace – Lvndr

What do you think of my outfit choice? How would you dress up a floral print?

Lots of love,


Celeb Style Crush #3

Hey there,

It’s about time I did another one of my celeb style crush posts, and after watching the ‘celebrities’, (I say that with a hint of sarcasm) entering Big Brother Monday night, (Along with what seemed the rest of twitter), I thought it would be appropriate to do a BB style crush. It appears most of twitter Monday night pointed out a few fashion mistakes, and wonders, with a lot of split decisions, but for me only two people really got it on point.

Now I’m not one to get addicted to BB, I think I religiously watched the first two or three years but we must be in at least double figures now. Of course I like to catch a few of the Celeb BB shows as they go on, as long as there is someone or a good group in there worth watching. This years group looks like a gooden, for sure, with the Benefit lady (Dee), Frenchy, (Or should I say Barbie), the cute adorable guy from Will and Grace, Stephanie Pratt, (Huge Hills fan here), Lauren from TOWIE – just to name a few.

As I said there were only two people who stole the style show and that was Stephanie Pratt and of course the presenter herself Emma’s Willis, don’t you agree? Stephanie kept it glamorous with a white lace crop and white skirt, while Emma teamed a pink skirt with white top and some amazing striped jewelled heels. Unfortunately I can’t get hold of any pictures of Emma Willis, no matter how much I google, so make sure you watch the show back.


I wonder what the eviction outfits will be? Who was your best and worst dressed celeb to enter the BB house?

Lots of love,


*Photo is not my own, it is from the Mirror online.