Bumble and Bumble Pret-A-Powder

Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-powder Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-powder 2 Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-powder 3

Hey There,

When it comes to my hair, I’m pretty shocking, I barely blow dry it, let alone straighten or style it. I’m envious of the girls who seem to be able to chuck their hair up in a matter of seconds and get that messy look without looking like they’ve just rolled out of bed. Or get those effortless bouncy waves and volume, that last all day. Well not me, my top knot only looks good when I’m not going anywhere (Typical), and after two hours with the curling tong, my hairs basically straight two hours later.

As you can imagine I’ve tried many a hair tool and products to get that swish-able, Cheryl Cole like locks. And I’m a sucker for anything that promises such, and I’ve got the shit to prove it.

My most recent purchase and one I had high hopes for, was Bumble and Bumble Pret-A-Powder. Not only has this been deemed a hero product in the beauty blogger world, but Natasha from the Southampton counter managed to transform my hair with a few puffs of the powder and a brush. She built volumes of heights my hair has never been before. I mean it was unbelievable, like Bridgitte Bardot style. Even my big head looked small.

So you know where this is going…

A few months later on I’ve still got a 3/4 full Pret-A-Powder, and have come to the conclusion I’d better stick with Bastiste. As to me, this product is nothing but an expensive powder form, dry shampoo. To put it bluntly.

Now I can hear the Bumble lovers gasp. This may be a holy grail product for most, but I’m serious. I can’t exactly slate the product, as it worked at the counter, I’m simply slating my abilities at styling my own. I have epicly failed again. Time to hang up the hair stylist ambition.

Have you tried any Bumble and Bumble products? How do you get your hair looking bouncy?

Lots of love,




Glo&Ray Blogger Launch Event | Make Up

Glo&Ray 1 Glo&Ray Make up Glo&Ray lipsticks Glo&Ray Skybreaker Glo&Ray lipstick Glo&Ray eyeshadow Glo&Ray Blogger Event glo&ray blog event

Hey There,

By now I think everyone knows I’m one of Glo&Ray’s top fan girls. I’ve been loving their make up and have built quite a collection now, (The pencil liners, and lippys are a must).

On Thursday (14th) I was invited to Glo&Ray’s blogger launch party, (Don’t they know how to make a girl feel special). As I arrived, flustering and far from on schedule, (Fashionably late shall I say), I was met by the lovely Nikita, (It was nice to finally meet in person), who briefed me on the evening and offered me Gin, (The best way to start the night).

After a few quick snaps, (Safe to say I won’t win photographer of the year), Glo&Ray’s MUA for the night, Bella, got to work on her first make up master class of the night, the perfect base. Or as I like to call it ‘the no make up make up look’. I have to admit, this one has to be my favourite of the night, I think you just can’t beat this fresh faced look, it it such a classic, and one thats used a lot on the catwalks.

The next master class was the bright and bold pout, one which I think we have all learned to love this AW, especially with the gorgeous plum and berry hue lippys. Although in this case Bella (MUA), opted for a more spring summer, coral tone.

Finally, Glo&Ray brought the 70s back, using a purple pastel wash across the eye. Personally, I get a little shy trialling these kinda tones, but I think this pop of colour suits the model just beautifully.

Glo&Ray no make up make up glo&ray no make up make up look Glo&Ray make up lesson - A bold lip Glo&RayGlo&Ray make up artist Glo&Ray Make Up 1

To round the night up, we got involved in a little friendly blogger competition, where we became the MUA’s and models, competing to create the best look from the three demonstrated. Unfortunately we didn’t win, but it was fun playing around with the products, and pretending to be some glamorous star being pampered in the bright lights, (I mean, do you think they would give me one of these for my room?).

Which is your favourite look? Is your ‘go to’ look, more about perfecting the base, being bold or colourful?

Lots of love,


Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture | Polabox

polabox polaroid pictures Polabox

Hey There,

I absolutely love Polaroid pictures, doesn’t everyone? It seems nowadays you can’t go anywhere without getting snap happy, whether its a selfie, a food pic or  view shot, everyones taking photos. And personally I love it. Even if in a few years I’ll look back and cringe at them all, just as I do my teenage pics now, (Those that I haven’t had permanently removed).

Having noticed my picture frames still had my Fresher shots in, (Yup I’ve been graduated three years now), I thought it was time to update the decor. With a bit of Pinterest inspo, (Of course) I wanted some Polaroid pictures and now it’s just to decide how to have them on my wall, I’m thinking pegged to string, what do you think?

32df18938a1601cc29cb2ee6a2bedc2b b0cc9e3926fb0b5a85146171e37b4737 53290a7fdaac0a54b8ff3e431c3f4d70 e0cc61cb7d3e12612b7097e754a43601

To get £4.00 off your Polabox order, use my code KARILV.

Lots of Love,


P.S These pictures can be found on my Pinterest pinned to me ‘All for the home’ board.

Top 5 Instagrams To Follow| The Blogger Edit

Hey There,

I’ve been seeing a fair few bloggers posting about their favourite Instagram accounts recently. So I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and share some of the love.

There are so many Instagram accounts I love, I’m not sure whether its for the photography, or whether I just have major figure, hair and life envy to be honest, (Probably all of the above). But these five are the ones I’m guaranteed to double click on, and will be in my ‘recently’ searched boxes.

1. Annabelflorence (Mascara&Maltesers) – This girl is a total babe, and her instagram is pretty much picture perfect. She has London well covered, from food, to make up, to the finer things in life.

2. LeanneLimWalker – One of my first Instagram discoveries, not only do I love her style and wardrobe, but I have major figure envy too. If you love fashion, check her out.

3. EmShelx (Emtalks) – Firstly, I need this girl to be my gym partner and secondly, she gives me the travel bug. At the moment its all beach, pools, bikinis and abs. Serious summer vibes.

4. Sarah (Andbeautyorsomething) – When it comes to brows, this girl knows a thing or two. Her brows are always perfect and her taste in make up gets me envious every time.

5. Megan Jane Lillie (Thumbelinalillie) – This girl with out a doubt has the best winged liner I have seen, she is also a lover of unicorns, (like me), from fashion to make up, she is a proper girls girl.

Go check them out!

Lots of love,


Smashbox Full Exposure | First Impressions

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette Smashbox Full Exposure Smashbox Make Up Smashbox Full Exposure Palette Shimmer Swatches Smashbox Full Exposure Palette Matte Swatches

Hey there,

This palette has teased me for ages, at the Smashbox blogger event I could barely even look at it. I’ve been lusting after it for so so long, I mean nude and grey mattes & shimmers, as if there was ever a palette more suited to me. For one reason or another, its taken me until recently to make the splurge, (Actually I nabbed it in a blog sale).

I just love all the colours, and can’t wait to create a smoky glam look with the darker grey. At the moment I tend to go for more of the nude mattes, and touch up with a bit of shimmer for a day time look. The swatches show up really well, but when I use the brush applicators, barely anything goes on to my eye, so I tend to apply with my finger tips and blend with the brush instead. Out of all the palettes I have got, Full Exposure has the best mirror, for once I can actually see in it.

As expected, my first impressions of Smashbox Full Exposure, are ‘its pretty damn amazing’.

Have you tried Full Exposure? Are you a fan of Smashbox?

Lots of love,


P.S I will be posting some make up looks, using this palette, on Beautybykaris soon.


NARS Mata Hari | Blusher

NARS Mata Hari Blush NARS Mata Hari Blusher Swatch

Hey There,

As seen in my ‘April Favourites’, and as confessed, this is my first ever NARS purchase. And yup, it lived up to its epic expectations. Now I could of gone for the cult classics, Orgasm blusher, or Laguna bronzer everyone seems to rave about, (and I do intend to try these out, one day) but for my first time with NARS, I thought I would be brave, and take a gamble with their Mata Hari. And boy did it pay off.

At first I was a little put off by how pink it looked in pictures, scanning google for all the swatches I could find. But with the art known as ‘blending’, this kinda pink, was my kinda blush. It gives me that fresh faced, healthy look, which always reminds me as to why I ditched the bronzed cheeks back in 2009. Being powder form, I apply it using my RT blush brush, and to be fair sometimes I do look a little clown like, pre blending, but I can’t complain about its pigmentation.

What do you think of NARS Mata Hari? Are you a NARS fan?

Lots of love,



Space NK £15 Voucher | Giveaway


Hey There,

So I wanted to do another giveaway, and then I was kinda like, I should wait until I hit my next milestone, but then I started thinking, why the hell not? I missed my last milestone, and this is just a thank you for all the support I have had this year, and the previous two. I thought I would let you pick your prize again, by giving away a £15 voucher to SpaceNK.

This competition will run until the end of May, you must be 16 or over, and based in the UK only. Good luck, and thanks for reading my blog.

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Lots of Love,






Aprils Favourites

Urban Decay Naked Basics Dior Hydra Life BB Creme Benefit They're Real Mascara Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette MAC Soft and Gentle Highlighter NARS Mata Hari Blush

Hey There,

So a lot of these have probably more than once come up in my favourites, lets face it most our favourites, stay favourites. And well these have just been my ‘go to’ items for the whole of April, (Definitely longer). I’ve been painting my face with these beauties, pretty much everyday.

I can’t praise the Dior Hydra Life enough, I blogged about it this time last year, and still love it. It gives me the perfect day time coverage.

I will always have a soft spot for Benefit’s They’re Real. For me, it was a game changer in the world of Benefits lashes, no other Benefit mascara quite cut it for me. And up until recently I didn’t quite think Rollerlash had topped it.

As you can see from my Urban Decay palette, it is pretty well used. But sometimes you can’t beat a classic nude smokey eye, am I right? I have been getting so many compliments about my eye make up using this little number.

I can’t ever imagine running out of MACs soft & gentle, I mean does anyone ever run out of highlighting powder?  What I’m loving at the moment, is doubling this up as an eyeshadow, it looks great in my inner corners of my eye, and leaves a gorgeous shimmer across my Naked basics.

Last but not least, its my first ever Nars product, (Can you believe it?), the Mata Hari Blush, (Full review later this week). I’m such a pink blush kinda girl, and this is just stunning.

What is your current ‘go to’ product?

Lots of love,



River Island PACHA | Beach Party Style

Hey There,

As we are all starting to dream of summer, and with RiverIsland launching their final SS15 Pacha collection, (Plus a blogger comp), what better way to get you excited for the sunshine, than a little Beach Party style inspo?

If all goes according to plan, (Including the bikini body), then this is the style I’ll be picking up for those Ibiza day sessions. What do you think?


Imagine that golden tan against that all white outfit, plus a little colour popping with pastel blue… Just perfect.

I went for the wedged heel, against a swimsuit to really lengthen those legs, a light cover up for the evening, and my favourite sunglasses, the aviators.

To get in the Summer spirit, here is one of my best Summer time songs from last year… Sigma ‘Nobody to Love’.

What is your favourite pick?

Lots of Love,


P.S This post has been put together for a specific blogger competition with RI, all of the above has been picked by me.

SPF : A Skincare Essential


Hey There,

As a Beauty Therapist and skincare obsessed female, I always wear a high SPF! I’m the only one on holiday who brings out the factor 30, instead of the baby oil. And I’m pretty good with applying it to my face and chest all year around, (OK, maybe only religiously in the summer).

One of my most recent SPF purchases has been Soltan Face Cream. However, now that I’ve tried a couple of SPF’s from brands like Elemis, and Kiehls, I actually find the Soltan one a bit too heavy for my skin. The skincare brands tend to offer a lighter top up, which is perfect for applying after your moisturiser. It’s just a shame they don’t match the Soltan price tag.

Unfortunately most people only relate wearing a SPF with holidays and will not consider it a part of their daily skincare routine. Luckily, more and more beauty companies are putting SPF’s inside their moisturisers, and even make up. My Dior BB Creme contains a factor 30. But what happens when you start mixing these products, is you tend to lower the factor. I suppose some factor is better than none, but personally I would recommend using a SPF on top of your moisturiser, before your make up, and any that is in the rest of your beauty products can be considered a bonus. The way I see it, is your moisturiser can sink deep into the skin, and the SPF can protect on top.

 And just to make it more confusing, did you know there are two types of SPF? Physical and Chemical?

A physical SPF will deflect or block the suns rays, while a chemical SPF will absorb the suns rays. And both can be found in products. If your skins a little sensitive it is better to go for a physical SPF.

Benefits of wearing an SPF…

  • Helps prevent premature ageing.
  • Protects against age spots, and pigmentation.
  • Protects against skin damage, caused by the sun, such as sun burn.
  • Helps maintain the production of collagen in the skin.
  • Helps prevent discolouration in the skin.

How often do you apply your SPF? What factor do you use?

Lots of Love,


*Photo Credit – Google Images*