July’s Favourites


Hey There,

Normally I am complaining that the year is going to fast when it comes to this monthly post, but as we are entering August, (My Birthday month) which is full of lots of fun things for me to be getting up to, I’m not so sad to be saying goodbye to July.

This month I have rediscovered my love for Origins Drink Up over night mask, I started using it before holiday, to give my skin that extra boost, and then of course it needed some serious rehydration after a week in 40 degree sunshine. So this little beauty has been making its way on to my nightly skincare routine twice a week.


My lipstick haul post has me talking about my new Barry M Gelly Hi Shine lips pencil, which I can really not put down. It has a permanent position in my bag at the moment, its wear-ability is sooo good, and a gorgeous shade of pink, which I just love for these summer months.


Now I feel Soap & Glory’s Orangeasm needs its own dedicated post, it smells that amazing, but I could not, not include it in my monthly favourites. SO this is a new scent for Soap & Glory, and it just absolutely smells divine. When it comes to a shower gel, body wash all I want is for it to smell nice, keep me clean, and smelling good. I don’t ask for much. But this one includes hydrating and antioxidant ingredients, including triple tea, Soap & Glorys MSUDs technology (Whatever that is), Ginseng and Pinkpepperberry. I’ll be honest with you, this is the second bottle the households got through, and it will be repurchased. This zesty scent is just incredible, like most of the Soap & Glory range, I would love to try out the body cream along side it. Maybe a bit too zesty though.



Finally I have my Maybelline Fit Me Anti-Shine Stick foundation. We all know I’m not a genius when it comes to foundations, but this goes to the top of my list when it comes down to the 3 or 4 I have tried. I brought it to wear when I’m all fake tanned up, so being a shade or two darker, I have only been reaping its benefits this month, with my more bronzed skin tone, courtesy of Rhodes…Don’t worry this will definitely be getting its own review shortly on the blog.

SAM_1471 SAM_1472 SAM_1474

What products have you been loving this month?

Lots of love,


Lipstick Haul


Hey There,

Oh its just another beauty haul, but this time its all about the lipsticks. After coming to the realisation that I was committing a beauty crime by not owning any MAC lipsticks, (I know every MAC lover must be shaking their heads at me now), I went to Alice from Anniewritesbeauty for some help as to decide which lipstick to buy first, (She knows her MAC lipsticks well). It happened to be on the same night that I saw Liza from Glambeautys video featuring a gorgeous Bourjois lippy, so obviously I starting tapping away, trying to order myself the chosen MAC lipstick, and Bourjois number, and ended up with two more, (I was even restricting myself). Several times I had to empty baskets – Online shopping creates a lot of problems for people like me.

I bet your wondering which MAC lipstick I went for first, and being a pink lipstick fan, I had to go for ‘Snob’. It definitely is one that stands out, I love it. It’s not as long lasting as I would of expected from a brand like MAC, but it is oh so beautiful, I don’t care.

SAM_1433 SAM_1446

The Bourjois Rouge Velvet Edition in Ole Flamingo, looked so stunning on Liza, it was sold to me instantly. It brings such a vibrant, pop of colour to your lips, the perfect hot pink. It has a matte finish which is ideal, leaving a ‘velvet’ touch. The formula is so stubborn, it lasts for ages, and actually keeps the colour, (If only every lippy was like this).

SAM_1432 SAM_1450 - Copy

Next we have Barry M’s Gelly Hi Shine Lips, but unless I am being really blonde, (Which is likely), I can’t seem to find the name of the colour, *Sad face*. I have been wearing this one a lot, I love the tone of pink,it is highly pigmented, with a glossy finish. The pencil makes it easier to apply on the go, and it seems to last longer than normal lipstick. 



Finally, I picked up an incredible peachy, nude, from GOSH called Mandarina. I had been wanting a orange toned lippy for a while, but wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. When I got this through the post, I was unbelievably happy with it, it was the ideal shade for me, and goes on so effortlessly, (Especially with my Holiday tan). The formula feels sightly thicker than say Snob, but it probably wears just as long.

SAM_1431 SAM_1442


Left to right – Mandarina by GOSH, Ole Flamingo by Bourjois, Barry M Hi Shine Gelly, Snob by Mac.

Which is your favourite colour? What is your favourite lipstick ever, (If you had to choose) ?

I hope my post has inspired you to go do a little lipstick haul of your own, or even dig out the ones you nearly forgot about.

Lots of love,



Hey There,

Earlier on in the week, I came across Kirstie’s  (Ayellowbrickblog) and Megan’s (Thumbelinalillie) #Projectbareall post. I straight away wanted to get involved.

The idea behind it is to help boost ‘confidence’ with out make up. I know, like many others, I am a bit of a make up worshipper, I love it. I don’t think I would willingly let anyone else see me without make up on, (Unless its family, the BF and the besties).Wearing make up means different things to all of us, some people just aren’t that bothered by it, some people use it to enhance their beauty, and others use it to show off their personalities. Either or, we should still ALL be confident enough with our natural beauty that we should be brave enough to bare all. As I type these words, I’m even thinking ‘it is a lot easier said than done’.

Going back to my teenage years, I was very spotty, (Damn you hormonal skin), I would not be without my beloved concealer stick. I still am now to be honest. I was so self concious as a teenager. In my head, I was the spottiest person at school, and although no one said anything, (That I can remember), I was constantly hiding my face, often speaking to people behind my hair, or not speaking at all. I suppose in a way I have carried some of those ‘fears’ with me now. My skin is a whole lot better, but I used to hide behind my make up so much, that I think the fear of going without it still lies in me.

University helped my confidence in wearing less make up, as when your living with that many people, you can hardly hide your ‘no make up’ face. But I never went completely bare, I was and am still very attached to that bloody concealer stick. Yeah, you will see me with out mascara or blusher, (Maybe…Probably only when hungover), but never without concealer! Unless of course your one of the lucky people mentioned above. 

I think the problem is, when we see someone with really nice make up on, we compliment them, but we rarely will say to someone ‘oh you look lovely without make up’. I am one of these people, I admit it, I love make up, so I always notice a persons make up, but that doesn’t mean I think that that person looks bad with out make up on. I honesty am envious of those who dare to bare all. And this is why #Projectbareall is such a good idea, it gets us talking, and it gets us thinking about how we feel in our own natural skin. And its that talking, and posting of ‘no make up selfies’ that helps boost confidence, as you suddenly realise, we all share the same fears.

What we need to think about, is what would make us feel more confident in ‘baring all’, for me a good skincare routine helps. I don’t know what it is about spots, but they make me go all shy, as if its the only thing people can see when they talk to me. I would say that still to this day, my body hang ups are spots and scars. But what can I do about scars, not a lot. So am I meant to keep knocking my confidence about something I have no control over?

Personally, I feel a lot of these issues come from the media, who constantly slate or rate celebs on how good they look, and lets not even get started on the airbrushing. Now I’m not saying I will give up my make up stash, (That would just be silly), but maybe I should start enjoying more ‘no make up days’, (Little steps).

It comes down to the fact of, why do I want to cover up so much, if someone is so bothered about what I look like, and is being negative, than they can get f****d, (Excuse my language). I enjoy make up so will still use it, but some days I would rather go with out. That feeling before bed when you have freshly cleansed skin, is amazing. Again, its a lot easier said than done, but I loved the positive vibes from both Kirsties and Megans post, that I just had to get involved. If it helps just one person feel a little more confident in their natural skin, than I’ll be happy. 

Here’s a picture of me baring it all, I have just had a lovely Origins facial, so my face is a make up free zone.

IMG_20140717_154551_1 (1)

Why not join in and put your #Projectbareall selfie on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag! Lets all get confident with out make up!

Lots of love,


Manicure Monday #20 – Disney Princess


Hey Lovelies,

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend and been out and enjoying this amazing weather we have been having. I can’t cope with the sticky, sweaty feeling, but at the same time I can’t complain about the sunshine and heat we are having, (Its about time we had a proper summer).

Today’s Manicure Monday post is quite exciting, as its all about DISNEY PRINCESSES, *Excited face*. Unfortunately I can not take credit for the Princess decorations, (If only I was that artistic), I actually brought these nail art transfers of ebay.

They work in the same way as, ‘fake tattoos’, you soak them in water for 5 seconds and then hold in place on the nail until it sets. They are extremely fiddly, and I’m not all that patient, so I was surprised to get all of these on, in one piece. The only thing I didn’t like about the transfers, is that they all had a white background. I was quite excited to match up some different polishes with each princess, but I had to settle for white in the end, and it took several cutting and shaping to get them ready for the nails.

I started with every single Disney Princess on each nail, (Feeling a little OTT), I swapped the transfers over and had some white nails in between. I must admit, I did absolutely love having Bella, and Ariel nails, (I’m a big kid really). 

After a couple of days, I did see some cracking in my Orly White Polish, but the transfers stayed on well. Being a bit of a perfectionist, I had to take them off, as I just wasn’t really going for the cracked nail look. 

SAM_1453 SAM_1460 SAM_1458

Which Princess would you have on your nails? What colour would you have gone for?

Happy Monday All.

Lots of Love,



Sunday Catchup

PicMonkey Collage

Hey There,

So what have I been up to this week…. Well I’ve been catching up with friends, going for a lot of ‘casual’ drinks, starting a new job, spending money I don’t have, adding to my never-ending wishlists, and actually stepped back in to the gym, (Go me).

On Monday, I caught up with a couple of friends, taking full advantage of ‘Slug Mondays’, (50% of at the Slug and Lettuce). Not going to lie, my salad was awful – No wonder they charge 50%, they give you half the ingredients. I was meant to have a sweet potato salad, with couscous, and chickpeas….No exaggeration needed, I had one teaspoon of couscous, and literally one chickpea on my plate, my friends one wasn’t much better either, (I won’t be going back there in a hurry). Wednesday, (I’m skipping the, ‘I did nothing days’) I went over to a friends house and we chilled in the garden with a cuppa, and some cheese baguettes, the sun was out so it was the perfect setting for a goss and catch up. 

For some reason, we have had a lot of people leave our work place, so with several leaving do’s this week, I basically ate myself in to a food coma (Most days), with the ‘food banquette’, I say ‘food banquette’, I mean biscuits, crisps, cakes and sausage rolls, (No wonder I’m always falling off the healthy waggon). On Friday my mate baked white chocolate, and butterscotch cookies which were incredible, (I think they were all gone by 10.30am). As standard procedure we all went out for after work drinks in Southampton, (We all love a social). 

So a couple weeks ago, I decided to go back into the world of Beauty, and handed in my notice at my current office job…. And Saturday was when it all began! It was so nice to get back in the Salon, although I was a bit of a nervous wreck, I think I pulled it off, (No call to tell me not to come back in yet). SO I pretty much collapsed when I got in yesterday, a couple of glasses of Wine and I was gone. 

Today I went up to my friends little girls 5th birthday party, it was so cute, all the kids played on a bouncy castle/slide,  had their face painted and played pass the parcel, (Those were the good ol’days), I was then an adult for the rest of the day, drinking Pimms in a beer garden… Perfect Sunday in the sun.

I’ve been blogging a lot this week, chatting about my attempts to get back into Running, finally posting about my #Sotonmeetup Goodie Bag, my girl crush Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s perfect style, and more Nails. My plan was to get on the Youtube hype this week, but being very blonde I had a little trouble setting up my lighting, I couldn’t figure out how the bulbs went in, (Oopsie), now I’ve done it I should be recording my first Vlog tonight or tomorrow, and depending on how much  I drink this week, it might actually make it online *Scared face*.

What have you been up to this week? What’s been your favourite post on Beautybykaris this week?

Enjoy your Sunday evening.

Lots of love,