Lee Stafford Hair WonderBall Waver | Review


20150821_072158Lee Stafford Hair Wonderball Waver !!Lee Stafford Wonderball Waver 1SAM_3173  SAM_3176 SAM_3177 SAM_3178


Hey There,

There is just something so nice, about effortless, ‘just stepped of the beach’ waves, right? (The kind I only get from literally being in the sea).

When I was asked to try the *Lee Stafford Wonderball Waver, I was excited to see how they recreated that effortless wave. The design is erm very different to your usual tong, (Lets just say, Ann Summers springs to mind) but jokes aside, I thought you never know this could create that hair holy-grail look, I spend hours pinning on Pinterest. So lets give it a try!

Attempt one…

I tried the Wonderball on my hair before a night out, I had gone home for the weekend and taken it with me, but with out the instructions. So I assumed the results were based on my inproper use.

Attempt two…

So I tried it again, but after work this time, when I didn’t need to go anywhere, (And had the instructions in hand). The positives are that it literally styles your hair in seconds, usually I am there for 30+ seconds, but with the Wonderball it takes 7-10 seconds to style your hair. However, each wave looked different, and nothing like the girl on the box. Some were more curls, and others more kinks, (I even watched the video) I pointed the Wonderball downwards, (As instructed) and wrapped my hair around it. Most of the time my hair would just move position.

Although I am not happy with the Wonderball tong, based on the heating time, I would love to try one of their small barrell tongs, as I think this is more of a design failure, in my eyes.

So the hunt for the perfect and effortless wavy hair still goes on…

Have you tried any of the Lee Stafford curlers? What are your thoughts on the design?

Lots of love,


Self Confidence #Loveyourself


Hey There,

It seems that everyones been talking about fat and skinny shaming, but thats not why I decided to write this post. It’s been inspired by a conversation I had in work, I have had many similar conversations, but for some reason that day, this time, it hit a particular spot and I felt the need to just put it out there on my blog and kind of give myself a little self confidence shake, and hopefully at the same time, give anyone reading this one….

Working in the Beauty industry, I come across women everyday who are unhappy with their body and their skin. And its my job to give them advice, and treatments which should leave them feeling a happier and more confident.

In my experience pretty much 90% of women, have the same body worries. We all know that one woman who appears to beam with confidence, but I’m sure she probably still asks her Beauty Therapist about cellulite or how to get her skin more flawless. If I asked you now to draw a stick man of yourself, and circle the areas you would like to change, I guarantee most of you will say thighs, and stomach, with a few boobs and arms, and probably a few of you would just circle the whole bloody stick man, (I know on some days, I would).


My weight gain has definitely influenced my confidence, and I think blogging has affected my confidence both negatively and positively. It has forced me to be more open and take more photos of myself, but through that I also critique myself more and focus on the ‘concerns’, do I look fat in this? Does my nose look wierd? And so on. Plus I am awful at taking compliments.

I’m not saying I’m just going to stop dieting and be #Bodyconfident, as that would be a lie. I still aim to get back into those size 10 jeans, and feeling more like ‘me’ again. Plus its a health issue now. But I feel like if we all have the same worries, why do we beat ourselves up so much about it. Why do we worry about our thighs? Is it just because we are told there is a ‘perfect’ size thigh to have, or your stomach has to be a washboard? Or do we as women encourage this behaviour?

Sometimes self confidence isn’t even a physical thing, some people lack confidence because they feel they should be a certain way, or like certain things, when actually being themselves would bring them the most happiness. What I would love to see, is more people talking about what they ‘love’ about themselves. I kind of needed to write this post, just to vent and give myself a reality check. But what I would love to see, is us giving ourselves more compliments! Lets just tweet what we love about ourselves, whether its general or on that particular day with the #Loveyourself, or even just tweet a little self confidence boost you’ve had that day.

My plan is to tweet something positive about myself every day over the next five days, using the #Loveyourself. I would love it if you would join in!

Lots of love,




Blogger #Sotonmeetup Number 4

Sotonmeetup BloggersSoton BloggersSouthampton BloggersVodka Revolutions Southampton

Hey There,

On the 8th August, I attended the fourth #Sotonmeetup, organised by my beauts Alice and Amy (Aka @Sotonbloggers) hosted by Revolutions Southampton. Just over a year ago, I turned up to the first event, nervous and a complete newbie, (And now we are blogger besties). These girls put so much hard work and effort in to these events, it is ridiculous,and they are bloody great events.

Not only do I get to catch up with my blogger babes, but I get to meet bloggers I have been following for ages, or newbie bloggers. It is just so nice to chill, and chat to people and be inspired. The day also involved some brands, such as HairfinityEspa, and Outcome The Wolves, who all had a little corner of the room. As well as some other brands in the form of cupcakes from Love Cake Bakery, macaroons from Cake Cetera, and my favourite sweet being Judes Ice Cream, (Two words… Salted caramel).

Soton 1 SAM_3165 Tash_Gash SAM_3146 009

(Photo Credit Alice)

Hairfinity put on a little friendly blogger competition, and gave prizes to those who could do the ‘best’ braid in the ‘fastest’ time blindfolded. It is safe to say, I failed miserably, barely braiding half of it in 22 seconds. If you haven’t heard of Hairfinity, they are a brand who specialise in hair supplements and making your hair all nice.

Espa gave each of us a skincare consultation, providing each of us with a goody bag, dependent on our skin type and needs. Being a Therapist myself, I was excited to hear more about Espa and try the products. So watch this space.

Outcome The Wolves, were my favourite. Not only because they are a local fashion brand but because of their style. I loved the crochet crops, and the Budweiser swimsuit. I could see myself wearing a lot of their items, (I just need the bikini body to go with).

SAM_3160 SAM_3159

The day finished with a raffle, of some incredible items, including a Benefit hamper, Esqido False Lashes, London Fashion Week tickets, West Quay Vouchers, Beauty treatment vouchers, Oloves hamper, Polaroid cameras and more. All raising an amazing £350 for Epliepsy Society.


And I am not even finished there…. Our goody bag was just as ridiculous, I mean talk about spoilt. Just look at the contents! We had I Love CosmeticsBee Good SkincareJurliqueSt MorizWeledaChill, and Virtue drinks, (I have probably forgotten a few in there too). I have barely even got started on anything yet.

Once again, a massive thanks to the girls for sorting it all out, and making the day so great. As well as all the brands that got involved, Revolutions for the perfect venue, food and cocktails.

Have you ever been to a blog event? What has been your best experience? What item would you pick out of the goody bag first?

Lots of love,



Precleansing with Dermalogica

Dermalogica Pre Cleanse

Hey There,

How is it Wednesday already? Not that I am complaining. Its my Birthday Friday, so although I am dreading turning 25, I do enjoy Birthday celebrations, as it is an excuse to eat cake, a lot of it…. right?

Today I am talking about the ‘importance of precleansing your skin’, with one of my all time favourite skincare brands, Dermalogica. Their cleansers saved me from my teenage breakouts, and I have been lucky enough to work in Dermalogica Spas and Salons over my Beauty Therapy career.

You all know me, I am a little obsessed with skincare, (And I’m in the perfect job for it) I’m all for chucking as many products on my skin as I can. I just love a good skincare cleanse, especially in the PM. When I was wearing less make up, (About 18 months ago), I will blame beauty blogging for that! My cleansing routine was a lot simpler, as it doesn’t take a lot to wash off, bronzer and a bit of concealer. Now that I’m a fully fledged member of the foundation gang, things have got a little trickier, and the toner pad proves it.

Without a doubt my favourite precleansing product is *Dermalogica Pre Cleanse. I will admit that on those ‘counting the pennies’ moments, I do tend to double up my daily cleanser, but it just isn’t the same. Dermalogica Pre Cleanse, applies like an oil, so literally starts to work on melting that foundation off, (That we have worked so hard to keep their all day). With our foundations lasting longer, and our primers getting stronger, its no wonder a pre cleanse has become a must. When the pre cleanse is mixed with water, it turns into a milky solution, before being washed off, and followed by a normal wash.


So what is in the Pre Cleanse…
It is a plant based cleansing oil, with Vitamin E, Olive and Kukui oils which melts excess oil, make-up, sunscreen, and pollutants. It can even remove eye make up!

Do you pre cleanse? Would you pre cleanse?

Lots of love,

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NARS Giveaway | Open Internationally

Hey There,

It would appear that during my two week blog rest period, I have somehow hit two milestones! *Insert overly happy face*

I finally hit 1k on IG, which had been my goal for so long, and 2.5k on Twitter. It is actually crazy! I love you lot for helping me reach my goals, so as standard blogger procedure, I will be running a NARS giveaway, for one of you beautiful lot to win.

Having fallen in love with my latest NARS purchase, (My lippy in Pillage). I felt I would spread the NARS love.

Now to the boring part! The giveaway fine print…

Although this giveaway is open internationally, you do have to be over 16 to enter! The giveaway will finish on August 31st. And the winner will be announced the first week of September. The winner will be able to pick only one lipstick OR blusher, and nothing above the value of £23.00. I will be ordering that one item, picked by the winner, online. So it needs to be in stock that week.

Good luck!

Let me know what you would go for, a blusher or a lippy? And what colour?

Lots of love,


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Esqido Lashes in ‘Oh So Sweet’

Esqido Mink LashesEsqido Mink Lashes Oh So SweetEsqido Lashes

Hey There,

Firstly I shall apologise for my absence, it would seem the new job, new city and new home, finally caught up with me. And a week off the blog, a well deserved duvet day and a lot of OITNB was the exact medicine I needed… but its good to be back!!

I think it is safe to say, we all know how much I LOVE false lashes, from the big,bold, glam looks, to the soft every day full effect. My usual ‘go to’ lashes, have just been knocked of the top spot by these *Esqido False Lashes in Oh So Sweet. These silk mink lashes are simply beautiful, from the craftmanship to the packaging. They are so soft to touch, and sit perfectly across the lash line. They may not be as full as I normally go for nights out, but they are the ideal day to night lash. And they are reusable, (Result).

You lot have got to check these Esqido lashes out!!

Esqido Mink Lashes 2

Happy hump day all!!

Lots of love,


Lifestyle Tips & Your Skin

Lifestyle tips & your skin

Hey There,

I am so content with life right now. I’ve just had the best weekend ever! A lovely hotel, spa treatment and date night with the boyfriend on Friday for our 5 year anniversary, then a shopping trip, several meals out, and even more cocktails with two of my best friends on Saturday. It’s just been absolute bliss. And now I’m under my duvet, tea in hand, typing up today’s blog post. The perfect way to end my Sunday…

As you can imagine, a weekend like I have just had, (Too much food and booze) isn’t going to do wonders for my skin, (Or my waist line), I’ll be lucky if I don’t wake up with a spot on my forehead and can fit in to my uniform in the morning. Maybe I need to practice what I preach a little more. Now I’m not saying I am an expert, (But it is kinda my profession), I just wanted to share with you all these little tricks and tips I’ve learned over my past 6 years as a therapist. Both from my conversations with clients, and my own experience, (Along with a little common sense too).

I think we all know that most lifestyle tips start with ‘eat a healthy balanced diet, and drink plenty of water’… but actually there are some really simple changes you could make in your life which could help your skin. And it could be things you may not even realise have an affect.

As a Therapist, it is pretty obvious I am going to rant on about skincare. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a good skincare routine, it really does make such a difference, and I swear if you haven’t had luck in the past, you weren’t using the right products. So put down those face wipes and step away from the simple moisturiser.

Oily Skin

1. Keep your skin hydrated and do moisturise. Unfortunately a lot of people with oily skin, avoid moisturisers at the risk it could make their skin worse, when actually it will do the opposite by giving the skin what it craves and nourishing it.

2. Use a facial oil, (I can hear the gasps now) but I assure you it is one of the best things someone with oily skin can use. Using a good facial oil in the evenings, helps trick the sebaceous glands in to thinking they have produced enough oil, and as a result balance out and level that oil production.

3. Use natural, plant based products, (No alcohol based, sting inducing, toners wanted thank you). When it comes to skincare, you don’t want anything that will over stimulate your skin.

4. Exfoliate your skin 2-3 times per week. Avoid using a scrub and go for something more gentle like an exfoliating enzyme mask.

5. Always cleanse your skin in the evening, I mean really cleanse. A double, or triple cleanse if it means all that make up and dirt is off.

6. Choose your cosmetics wisely. Use primers, and make up that wont clog the pores, and invest in some powder or blot paper to help with the shine control.

7. Excess oil production could be related to stress and hormonal changes so try and take time out to relax. Put that phone down, turn that laptop off an hour before bed, just switch off. Meditate or take up yoga. Read a book or have a bath. Anything that gives you some ‘me time’.

8. Switch to decaffeinated drinks such as herbal teas.

9. Clean your pillows regularly. (Just think if all that dribble, sweat and dirt that gathers, and how long your face it on it… What a lovely thought?).

Dry Skin

1. I’m stating the obvious but drinking water really does help.

2. Hydrating masks and serums are your skins best friends. These will give your skin that extra boost and help your daily moisturisers work better.

3. Exfoliate 2-3 times per week, using a scrub to get rid of dead skin cells and enable your moisturisers to get in to the skin.

4. Take time out for yourself. Relax. (See tip 7 above).

5. Avoid sunbeds, and too much sun exposure as this will dry your skin out, (And potentially give you that leathery look skin as you get older).

6. Use a humidifier as you sleep, or a bowl of water on your radiator to help put moisture back in the air.

7. Keep the temperature of your shower at a cool, (No hot blasts and red skin).

8. Eat more oily fish and good fats, such as Salmon.

Anti-ageing/Ageing Skin

1, A good skincare routine is essential, following on similarly to the Dry skincare tips. The added extras on top of a good 3 step routine will be what makes the difference and holds that ageing back

2. Cover up, and protect your skin. An SPF is your holy grail product. Nothing ages your skin as much a sun damage.

3. Don’t smoke.

4. Keep a young mindset. All mind over matter and all that.

5. Having a good love life, will apparently keep you young.

6. Exercise to keep those muscles toned, from body to face. (And I’m serious about the facial exercises).

7. Get enough sleep.


These are just a few lifestyle and skincare tips, I can think of, I would love to know your thoughts, any advice you have or any tips you have had passed on. I know I learned a lot from my mum.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the read, and had a lovely weekend.

Happy Sunday all…

Lots of Love,


NEW Kiehls | Daily Reviving Concentrate

Kiehls Daily reviving concentrate

Hey there,

I’ll just start by saying if you love Kiehls midnight recovery, you will love their new daily reviving concentrate…need I say more?

I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the new Daily Reviving Concentrate at the Kiehls Regent Street Launch event last month. We all know I love my lotions and potions. I will chuck almost anything on my face, (OK, maybe not anything but I’ve got this whole layering products to a T), so adding this in to my current routine was just more fun and exciting for me.

Time to battle the fatigue.

If you are looking for a new addition to your AM routine, and to waken your skin, then I suggest you give this beaut a go. The daily reviving concentrate smells incredible. I actually look forward to applying it for the smell alone, it is really fresh and awakening. It contains ginger root, sunflower and tamanu oils, all aimed at fighting the fatigue in your skin, while giving you that AM hit. I would have never have said, fatigue was a concern of mine. I mean I know I don’t look the same when I leave the house to when I return, to be honest I usually look like crap, with my make up half off, and those tell tale dark circles. But I am only 24, so my skin still err kind of bounces back… kind of.

I would suggest this for all skin types and ages, as although fatigue and stress tends to show more in the skin as we age, (Oh don’t you just love the ageing process), this little daily revivor will help reenergise young skin, and help disguise those busy lifestyles. The formula is lightweight, not as heavy as an oil, but a slightly different consistency to a serum. Overall, it’s easy to drop in to your current skincare, smells beautiful, and puts radiance back into the skin. What more do us girls want?

Are you a fan of the Midnight Recovery? Will you be grabbing yourself a Daily Reviving Concentrate?

Launches September 2015! Keep an eye out for it.

Hope you all have had a lovely day?

Lots of love,


Glo&Ray | Lipsticks & Eyeliners


Glo&Ray Mke up Glo&Ray 2 Glo&Ray 3 Glo&Ray 4

Hey there,

I came home last night for my sisters fiancé 30th, and needless to say I am feeling a little worse for wear today, so bare with me. Today I am in chill mode, but excited to watch Magic Mike later with the girls, so I need to sort my hungover mess out. I hope you are all feeling slightly more awake than me. But for now, let’s stick the kettle on and catch up…

I don’t think I need to ramble on about Glo&Ray to you, I’ve done that several times already, declaring my love for their Make Up, in almost every post. You may remember that I attended their Blogger launch event, that’s right their first ever blogger party, (Yup I feel very important). Well I’m not sure if I told you about just how amazing my goody bag was? (And err this post is well overdue) Well it was! Inside were these 3 beautiful lipsticks, Marigold, Asteria and Honey.

I mean you couldn’t get 3 more different shades in one set, a red, a purple, and a nude pink. But that’s to fit our attitude right? Marigold is for when I feel glamorous, Asteria is for when I feel daring and bold, while Honey is an everyday go to.

As always the lipsticks are beautifully pigmented, with great staying power. Asteria has a gorgeous tone to it, but it doesn’t give as much hold on the lips as the others, and has a slight shimmer to it. And because of it’s glossier finish I think  it is my least favourite out of the trio. The orange tone in Marigold makes it my best one. What do you think?

Glo&Ray Marigoled Glo&Ray Asteria Glo&Ray Honey

Having tried and loved Glo&Ray Skybreaker Eyeliner’s I was happy to see a liner in the goody bag, this time forest green. Coloured eyeliner is something I love but just don’t quite have the adventurous nature to wear all the time. What is beautiful about this forest green is how well it compliments my hazel eyes and the brown and bronze tones I am so in love with.

Glo&Ray Forest Green.jpg 1

Have you tried Glo&Ray makeup ? How would you wear these colours?

Anywaym I better get back to some self pitty and bacon sandwiches. Have a lovely Sunday all.

Lots of love,

Current Haircare Routine

Lee Stafford Hair Argan Oil RangeLee Stafford Hair Argan Oil range reviewLee Stafford Hair Miracle OilLee Stafford Hair shampooLee Stafford Hair Conditioner

Hey there,

So I finally made it to Wales, I’ve just stopped off for a day to see the boyfriend and do his mums nails post holiday, to take advantage of the peace and quiet in the village before heading back to the London life tomorrow.

If you know me, you will know how precious my hair is to me. I am that annoying girl that every hairdresser hates, that asks for only half an inch off and holds a face full of fear throughout the whole cutting experience, (Who said going to the salon was relaxing?). Lets just say there are not many people I would trust with my hair, (I do sound a little hair crazy don’t I?).

As you can imagine I’m also rather particular about what products I use, almost as fussy as the stuff I put on my face. Having learnt the hard way, that buying £1 shampoos can cost you 4 inches off your hair.

Firstly, I hardly ever blowdry or straighten my hair, unless absolutely necessary, (As in I’ve just woke up with crazy hair). I only tong my hair every now and then, and even the next day I can notice a difference in the condition, (No heat damage for me thank you).

Secondly, I am obsessed with using oil in my hair. It really nourishes my hair, and keeps it looking shiny.

Thirdly, I don’t leave the house without my tangle teezer. No more battles with the paddle brush.

At the moment I am using Lee Stafford* Argan Oil range , the nourishing shampoo, conditioner and the miracle oil. All of which have kept my hair looking healthy, and increased its shine. I love the fact I don’t have to wash my hair daily with these products either which I sometimes find when the product is so nourishing. I’ve only been using the oil once or twice a week, on wet hair, it is a lot more lightwieght that other oils I am used to, so I would use it as maintenance but for a more intense treatment I would probably opt for something else.

How do you care for your hair? Would love you to share your tips and comment below.

Lots of love,