Stamping Out The Stereotypes Of Beauty Therapy

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Today I am featured in a post over on Amyloves, all about the stereotyping of Beauty Therapists. I talk about my experience good and bad within the industry. I would love to know your thoughts so check it out and let me know. Amy has being doing a series of these posts and they are so interesting to read, she has a lot of great Beauty and Wellness posts, and I find her blog very inspiring.

Happy Friday, have a lovely weekend.

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Cocoa Brown – 1 Hour Tan

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Review


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I’ve been seeing *Cocoa Brown tan all over my Twitter and Instagram for a while, with only good things being said. Being a fan of the bronzed look, you can imagine I jumped at the chance, when they said they would send me one out *excited face*.

I’m a girl who has gone from knowing nothing about fake tan, to not leaving for a night out with out at least a couple coats. Now I’m not talking no orange nonsense, I’m all about the subtle golden glow, I don’t think I’ve ever got ‘product happy’ with self tan, so I’ve never unintentionally turned myself orange, (Fingers crossed I never do).

I liked the sound of Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan, as I never feel that comfortable sleeping in any tanning product overnight, (Does anybody?), so the idea of it developing in an hour is just ideal. You can actually leave it on for up to 3 hours depending on what look you wanted, so you can imagine which timing I chose.

I only applied two coats, and was happy with the colour it was subtle, but everyone in work noticed the next day, (Its always nice to be told you look tanned). But as I was heading for a night out, I would of liked it to of gone a bit darker, so I know for next time to put 3 or 4 coats on.

(No before photo I am afraid, I forgot to take one)


The Cocoa Brown tan doesn’t smell like ‘fake tan’, (You know that coffee biscuit like smell)  the scent actually reminds me more of after sun, a proper summer holiday smell. The mousse formulas have always been my favourite out of the lotions and sprays, (Despite spraying some up my new curtains), it foamed up well, rubbed in quick and most importantly dried fast. Sometimes I worry that the mitt won’t be enough to protect my fingers, but luckily there was no leakage with this product, and my palms were not dyed.

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan is less than £8.00 and has won Best Tan awards for the past 2 years, considering it only launched in 2012, that is pretty good going. I would definitely recommend it, and actually just got a second bottle from the #Sotonmeetup so that will keep me going for a while.

Have you tried Cocoa Brown tan? What is your favourite fake tan?

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P.S I’ve also just started using Cocoa Brown’s gradual tan, I’ll let you know how I get on with it.

Lush Dream Cream


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Well what can I say about Lush Dream Cream, apart from the fact I bloody love it!! I thought I had found my favourite body cream from Garnier, until I came across this little wonder from Lush. It came in my goody bag from the Southampton Lush event and it is still going, (Well just about). The cream is very thick, and hydrating, (Just what I expect and want from a body cream), it is very soothing, smells lovely, (Would you expect anything less from Lush?), but isn’t too overpowering.

After reading up on the benefits of the Dream Cream, I can now see why my skin seems to love it so much. I’m someone who has suffered from eczema in the past, but still has sensitive skin, so I have to be careful with what I put on it, none of this ‘chuck on what I can find’ kinda malarkey, I’ve got to study the ingredients. Lush Dream Cream literally contains the perfect ingredients, Oat Milk, Rose Water, Chamomile Blue Oil, Cocoa Butter, plus the rest. All of which are there to balance, soothe and calm the skin.

Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, this body moisturiser just feels so nice, and nourishing on. It most certainly will be making its way back on to my beauty shelf again, and again.


Have you tried Lush Dream Cream? What is your favourite body cream?

Lots of love,


The Blanket Wrap

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Since Burberry stepped out with that B-E-A-U-tiful wrap, everywhere seems to be showcasing their versions with various statement patterns. I’m a fan of the tartan wrap, for sure, and with New Look being one of my ‘go to’ knitwear shops, here are my top 3 picks from their blanket wrap range….


Navy and Red Tartan


Aztec Print


Monochrome Dogstooth

How To Style…

When these first came on trend, I was a bit unsure as to how I would wear one, but now I own one, I’ve realised how versatile they are. You can style them casually during the day with a pair of jeans, and uggs, thrown over a jumper like a scarf, or dress it up with some skinny jeans, heeled boots, and a waist belt to pull the wrap in and give it a bit more style.


Day to night…


What do you think? Are you a fan of the blanket wrap?

Lot of Love,


Smashbox VIP Bloggers : Contour Kit

Smashbox Southampton Bloggers Event – Contour Kit Launch

SAM_1942 SAM_1938

Hey There,

Last week I was invited to Smashbox Southampton’s blogger event, where they were showcasing their latest product launch, the Contour Kit.

Contouring is a technique I’ve only taught myself and mastered, (I think) in the past year, but I absolutely adore it, I don’t go on a night out now with out a good contour and highlighting. When I think of contouring I think of Kim Kardashian, (Don’t we all), if only I could get that flawless look as easily.

To show off the contour kit, the lovely Jo (From Smashbox Boots) did a mini makeover on one of her models. Jo started the look off using some of their most well known products, the Photo Finish Primer, and the Liquid Halo HD Foundation, using the contour kit for the finishing touches. She focused on the jaw line, just under the cheek bone, above the brow bone, and a little on the nose. Some contoured looks are quite heavy, using cream based products that can be used underneath or instead of foundation, but the powder created a more subtle, and natural day time look. I was really impressed by the kit, not only did it have two shades to contour with, but the highlighter was also matte, and as I already have a couple shimmer highlighters this appealed to me more.

Retailing at £35.00 it is one of the most expensive kits I have come across, and although I like it, I’m not sure it is worth that much money, knock of £10.00, or at least £5.00 and I’d pick it up. Unfortunately on the night, there wasn’t the option to pick any up, as they had sold out the day before, I may have been persuaded to part there and then.

SAM_1952 SAM_1951 smashb

We were then shown there new 28 piece ‘On The Rocks’ eye shadow palette, (£49.00), which she demonstrated on another model. The colours were just gorgeous, and very pigmented. It was fun watching Jo apply make up, I love seeing other peoples techniques, what colours they pick, what brushes they use and so on…I’m just so intrigued by it all.

SAM_1939 jjk

Expecting just a Smashbox event, Tash from Bumble and Bumble got involved, and styled Tanya’s hair, showing us all how to create volume, and make our hair look ‘rough and ready’, (In a good way though). I even managed to jump on the chair myself, where she back combed my hair to the max, never has my hair been so big. It didn’t even take that long, just a little help from Pret A Powder, (Which I have just ordered *excited face*).



What do you think of my hair? Have you tried Bumble and Bumble? Are you after the Smashbox contour kit?

Lots of Love,


Octobers Monthly Favourites


Hey there,

October has been such a great month for me, I’ve been busy doing exactly what I like to do best, I had something to look forward to every weekend. So I’m a little gutted its over now, but at least the countdown to my favourite holiday can begin.

As always, here are my October Monthly favourites….

I’ve been reaching for my dressing gown every evening, and even some nights being tempted to wear it to bed, it is absolutely freezing. I was brought this dressing gown for Christmas a couple years ago and it is still so fluffy and cosy. That is Next for you.

Being that the temperature has decided to take a massive dip, I have been grabbing hold of some of my, (And my mums) cold weather essentials. This includes my mums Matrix Biolage Hair Oil, my Botanics Rosehip Facial Oil, and good old Bio Oil. I just think at this time of year we need to be taking a little bit more care of our skin, and protecting it with some extra hydration.

Not forgetting the make up favourites, I’ve been rinsing my Bourjois CC Cream, and picking up my MAC Rubywoo lipstick most days.

What’s on your favourites list?

Lots of love,


Glo&Ray : Make Up


Hey There,

I absolutely love finding new make up, and its even better when it lives up to expectations.  Glo&Ray have only been around since 2012, and they are a brand I’ve only recently heard about, (All good things may I add). So I was delighted to be sent out some of their make up to try for myself.


Being a little brow obsessed, I like to use brow make up to enhance and lets be honest, tame my brows. At the moment I’m going through that awkward growth stage, where they are starting to form a better shape, but are looking that untamed that I’m struggling not to reach for the tweezers and wax pot. *Glo&Ray’s Silky Eyebrow Pencil in Terra Brown 21 (£5.50) works with my brows just perfectly, the wax formula grips my brows, while the colouring is soft enough that it lifts the shape, covers the strays, and doesn’t make my brows looks like they have been felt tipped on, (We all know someone with these type of brows). A much more natural day time effect.


With metallic shades being on point this Autumn, *Glo&Ray’s Liquid Metals Eyeshadow Palette (£12.50) was just what I was after.  My favourite colour has to be bottom right, the bronze colour, with a close second favourite being bottom left in gold, although it looks slightly more yellow in some lights. The green is a gorgoeus minty colour, quite subtle on the eyes, (Surprisingly) and it suited my colouring well, in particular my hazel eyes. Unfortunately the white shade wasn’t as good as the other three, or even as pigmented, I found it hard to get a good swatch from it, or even a good application with it. So I used it as a highlighter for my brow arch instead. I found that the rest of the Glo&Ray make up had great wear-ability, lasted all day, (With slight creasing), went on effortlessly and can be easily built up to create either a subtle day time look, or a stronger evening finish.


Personally I like all three on there own, and what better way to finish them off, than with winged eyeliner, (Am I right?), I have created a smokey look with the palette, but find them more effective on their own, or when mixed together to make another shade.

Which colour do you like best? Have you tried Glo&Ray yet?

Lots of love,


Gilchrist & Soames


Hey There,

I think Gilchrist&Soames are best known for being luxury skincare products of the hotel world. I rarely see their products in shop windows, and rather more prestigious Spa’s and expensive hotels.

Little did I know, until one of their bath products landed on my door step, in my monthly Birchbox, that you could purchase their stuff for home use, and they actually had quite an impressive collection on offer.

When I was emailed about reviewing a few of their products, I was sent the *London Collection. For me, these are the products that spring to mind, when someone mentions Gilchrist&Soames. The packaging has to be a favourite of mine, so classic, and minimalistic, yet the sort of range you get out for show, when the guests came over to stay,

I was lucky enough to get quite a few travel sized products, so what better way to test them out, than acting as if I was on a weekend away. So I ditched my Loreal shampoo, and my shower gel, even my cleansers for the weekend, and used the whole range.

Now my hair is longer than the average person by quite a bit, so I think I got about two uses out of the Shampoo, and Conditioner. Luckily there was an extra Conditioning Shampoo treatment, but to be honest, they washed my hair well, and I could actually get away with going two days with out washing with these products, (I’m usually reaching for the dry shampoo otherwise) so even for my hair, they lasted a long weekend.

I was a little hesitant at first about using the facial soap, and it did dry out my skin, as I expected, but for a weekend it hardly did my skin any damage, and I just slapped on a little bit more moisturiser. I sometimes actually prefer using a soap to a shower gel, as I feel you get a more squeeky clean feeling, (Do you know what I mean?) so although I had the two,  I opted for the soap more, which of course is still going. The body lotion is light, and absorbs quickly in to the skin, surprisingly keeping the skin well hydrated, as my usual ‘go to’ moisturisers tend to be quite thick, and heavy.


Gilchrist&Soames London collection, is ideal for those who travel a lot, but I think some of their gift sets/collections would be perfect for Christmas presents. I would even be tempted to buy the full size versions, for when people come to stay, (Or the Shampoo and Conditioner for myself). The products are and look sophisticated, and if I was to go away with the Boyfriend he would quite happily use these as well. No overpowering fruity smells, or masculine scents, a ideal balance between the two, (A unisex range you may say), and to me each product has the same scent.

Reading a little bit more in to the Background of Gilchrist&Soames, I was impressed to see that they are against animal testing, (Which is quite rare in the beauty industry), I liked hearing about their English heritage for nearly 40years, and that one of their first products in the luxury hospitality market was candles, now I can’t seem to find any on their website, (So maybe they are no longer around) but I bet they smelt nice.

What do you think of Gilchrist&Soames? Have you used any of their products? or tried any other collections?

Lots of love,


Spa Day – The Grand Harbour Hotel

1024x540_spa basic



Hey There,

So last weekends fun continued over from the #Sotonmeetup to a very relaxing spa day with some of my blogger friends, Alice, Mandy and Amy.

We had been speaking over twitter, about how nice it would be to go on a Spa day, (I think the idea of the Lush Spa’s was what started it all), and we ended up booking a day out to The Grand Harbour Hotel Serenity Spa in Southampton. Mandy did all the organising, so all I had to do was turn up.

On arrival we were greeted with the fluffiest robes, I have ever come across. The perfect spa day attire, (If only this was appropriate for work, and general life). We started of with a swim, (I say swim, I mean dip in the pool), followed by the Jacuzzi and then a little over heating in the sauna, (My skin definitely felt the benefits).

If I wasn’t already set for a nap, my delicious cream cheese and smoked salmon roll, (Followed by hot chocolate of course) put me in to a deep food coma.  The girls food looked just as good, with Alice having the same as me, Mandy having a warm pulled pork salad, (Yum) and Amy going for the homemade soup, (As I type this, I am making myself hungry again).

In full relaxation mode, we somehow got ourselves back up to the relaxation room, where we attempted a few ‘failed’ selfies, (What else would you expect from bloggers) and waited to be picked up for out treatments.

I opted for the back neck and shoulder massage as I always do, I had been looking forward to this treatment for SO long. The pressure was lighter than I would normally have, but I actually quite enjoyed having a more effleurage based massage, as I was so sleepy. The Serenity Spa used Espa skincare, which smelt amazing as I entered the room, and even nicer on my skin.

I had such a lovely day with the girls, I think we were all in need for a little TLC and enjoyed just chilling all day. It did make getting up for work Monday that little bit harder.



Photo credit – Alice

…..Now I wasn’t sure whether to put this part in, as being a Beauty Therapist, once Spa Therapist, I know how crazy the days can get, how demanding the treatments and long days can be…. Plus it might be that because of my profession I picked up on it, and someone else may not have, or of been as bothered. But I’ll say it, and see what you think. The back massage was meant to be 25 minutes, in my experience you get booked out  30 minute slots with your therapist, 25 minutes for the treatment, 5 minutes to get them in the room, do a quick consultation, on the bed, and then back out. I was actually in and out the room, including the treatment in 20 minutes, which meant my actual treatment was less than 20 minutes. The only reason I checked my phone was because they were late in getting us, and the treatment felt like it was over quickly. I didn’t say anything on the day as I had a great day with the girls, but I wouldn’t rush back for a treatment on that basis.

I’m not sure what package we went on, but for facility use, a treatment and lunch it was only £50.00.

Do you like going on Spa days? Have you been to the Grand Harbour Hotel in Southampton?

Lots of love,




(photo credit)

Hey There,

After the success of the last Southampton blogger meet up, I was very excited for the weekend of the 25th October to come around. It meant catching up with some of my lovely blogger friends, and meeting new ones, talking about beauty, and fashion eating cupcakes and drinking cocktails, is there any better occasion?

A lot of time had been spent organising this event, and unfortunately the original event host couldn’t make it on the day, but luckily Alice stepped in at the last minute and the blogger meet up still went ahead. I had to work until 3pm, so of course I just arrived fashionably late.

The event was held at Orange Rooms again, an ideal location with good food, and great cocktails, and this time there was a few Beauty brands for us to talk to, including EspaLushIn Situ Cosmetics, and MerumayaAs I was arriving I literally crossed paths with the Espa girls, but as I was on one of their spa days the next day, I got over it pretty quickly. 

My first stop point was a Passion Fruit Dacquiri, a quick catch up with the blogger girls, and then straight over to the Merumaya table. I had only heard about this skincare brand very recently, so knowing that they were at the Soton meet up, had me very excited. Being a bit too keen, a few of us, interrupted Tanya‘s chat, (But I’m sure she didn’t mind) . I love trying and hearing about new skincare, (Part of the beauty blogger territory)  and after reading up about this brand prior to the event, I was looking forward to hearing more about the range. The Merumaya representative, Lekha, was so lovely, she was extremely passionate about the skincare, (Obviously knew her stuff) very freindly, and even introduced me to my new favourite cocktail the Pornstar Martini, (If you haven’t tried one, you need to). The blogger chat afterwards was definitely focused on Merumaya, and my skin has been loving the samples so far, (Full review up soon). 

Unfortunately I didn’t get around to the In Situ brand, but by the sounds of it they offer online, personalised skincare products, down to whether you prefer a gel, balm, or wash formula. I was too busy over at the Lush table, smelling and touching, all the Halloween and Christmas products, chatting about what I needed to go in and buy, (I think I actually found the secret room the event was in, just by following the Lush scent).

It was such a nice afternoon, I could of stayed there all evening talking about beauty over cocktails, but I had an evening with other friends involving eating  a  lot of sushi and drinking wine which was calling me.

Now I’ll give you a sneak peak in to my goody bag, but you’ll have to follow me to catch the full reviews.


So excited for the next meet up!

Lots of love,


P.S Getting a little bit carried away, I didn’t take any photos, so I do apologise for the lack of pictures in this post, I promise I will for the next event.